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Food Stamps Kentucky Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact Kentucky Food Stamps EBT Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.


By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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I don’t understand why they don’t consider all bills when it comes to food stamp benefits . Louisiana is a joke!!! TEXAS DO NOT treat there people like this!!

I receivd my food stamps on the first of the month june 1 2014 i wants to know what was the bog change i was cut down to $5.00 my name is Esward Hegger pobox 26 norrow la.

My case was closed because I did not timely reply…but I was never sent ANY notification that it was time to fill out a report. Had to reapply, got a new case worker who sent letter with date and time for phone interview…waited for close to 2 hours after the scheduled time, stepped away from phone for no more than 5 minutes and missed the call…called right back, no answer, mailbox full. I faxed a letter and called customer service to request another interview, lady said she put in a request to my case worker, should receive letter in 5-7 days. Never did. Case was closed once again because I failed to keep appointment. I am beyond upset. I only work 26 hours a week, minimum wage at the moment, almost 9 months pregnant, already have two children, rent and bills to pay, and even when I was receiving benefits, still had to come out of pocket at times to purchase groceries. This is ridiculous, makes no sense at all for this to be happening.

it would be fabulous if i could find the flippin’ phone number when they screw up my stamps so i could find out wth.

You pushed my food stamps up 5 days in august,5 in September That`s 10 days you owe me When will I get them? this government crap is stupid. You can`t steal this from poor people-wait-you have. This is rated -10.

Can never reach a live person. Such poor service. Can’t even report it. Can’t call the office locally

you treat us as bums I worked until I became disabled, and then I went further downhill im starving because people cannot do their jobs or you want the truth, you made certain young women go to work and earn their benefits, they make me who worked years suffered because they’ve had to begin working, now how is that helping me you put people who don’t want a job into making me suffer, this month they purposely screwed up and took my liheap out even though it was in my paperwork they removed it and took my benefits away to nothing you make it on 15.00 and drawing 740.00 a month

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