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By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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I live in Central Massachusetts and was directed to the Malden,MA EBT office for questions I have.

I left a message for a return call last week but no call back yet. Their service is AWFUL, They do not care.They also cut your benefits whenever they want to, and you can’t talk to anyone. This entire system should be changed it is no good, period. It is a joke.

I was getting food stamps until they noticed I was buying food in New York at times. Since I work for a company in NY but live in Mass, with my auto ins. hlth ins. credit cards, apts. etc are all in Mass. It bothered them that some of my food stamps were purchased in NY when I did spend time there for work. they stopped them altogether. I send letter, 3 of them in fact even to the main office in Boston and they don’t even have the decency to respond. I did get a letter stopping them because I used some in NY> What the heck is the difference, I can get hungry anywhere. Anyhow, I filled out a new app Jan.1 explaining all on the internet. I clicked on it today to see what the problem is that they haven’t even notified me and it looks like no one even looked at it. I can’t believe it. It’s either they’re short handed, which I think not, or they fool around most of the time like most city and state jobs. Everyone should get fired, but knowing how this country works, the jobs will go to the refugees. This country has become a joke. It’s too bad men in my family had to fight for these people that take everything for granted. Get on the ball workers and do your job otherwise quit and give it to someone else that deserves it. Sick and tired of all people that work in the snap program. You are no better than the rest of us even though you think so. You don’t have to be a genius to work there, just a high school graduate which means nothing today. Sorry about this raving but I am BS.

The most horribly run system I have ever seen. First of all, I had to apply bc I lost my income and did not get unemployment.. It was an emergency. I am very capable. I received a letter stating they were calling me for an interview and the date of the interview was the day prior. I couldn’t believe it. I tried to call but you cannot reach them.. they do not accept phone calls stating they are too busy to accept any calls and to try later. It doesn’t matter what time you call… you cannot reach anyone. Finally I got through first thing one morning. The woman did my “interview” then and there. She told me I would get a list of what I needed but also told me what I needed. To save time and ensure the smoothness of the transaction I gathered and faxed over all the dostuffentation which was a complete nightmare as I had a business and have rental properties all of which I lose money on.. total nightmare.. This was like 46 pages.. they sent me a request for an I.D. in the mail. I faxed that over too. I kept everything. They NEVER called me for anything.. they never sent me a denial or an acceptance or any other dostuffentation in the mail.. NOTHING. It’s been 2 months now and I haven’t heard a peep. When I try to use their automated service it just says they have no record of a person applying matching my social security and DOB.. but I can’t get a real “case manager” on the phone so I can’t get an answer.. RIDICULOUS. What do people do.. luckily I have credit cards for now.

They Cancelled my food stamps without notice because they lost my employer termination letter. Thanks! Truly a professional agency.

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