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By Eric Strand

Meet Eric Strand, the relentless problem-solver and founder of If you've ever found yourself trapped in an infuriating labyrinth of phone menus, desperately seeking a live customer service agent, then you share in Eric's exasperation. As the mastermind behind a thriving top 500 E-commerce site, Eric's encounter with AOL's cancellation policy pushed him over the edge and ignited his passion for revolutionizing customer service experiences.

In 2008, fueled by his frustration and armed with a vision for change, Eric took matters into his own hands and launched This innovative website serves as a haven for those seeking respite from the maddening phone trees and an escape route to genuine, human interactions with customer service representatives. Empowered by his firsthand experience in the E-commerce industry, Eric understands the significance of efficient and effective customer service, and he is determined to make it accessible to all.

Within a mere six weeks of its inception, has already garnered a devoted following. Its rapid rise to prominence is a testament to Eric's unwavering commitment and his unwavering belief that customers deserve better. His relentless pursuit of excellence in customer service has not gone unnoticed, with his notable achievements catching the attention of prestigious publications such as Fast Company Magazine. Eric's entrepreneurial prowess has also earned him a well-deserved spot in the esteemed Internet Retailer Top 500.

Driven by a genuine desire to empower consumers, Eric Strand goes beyond the provision of customer service contact information. He fosters a community within, enabling customers to connect, share their experiences, and support one another. By facilitating the exchange of reviews and complaints, Eric empowers individuals to make informed decisions and encourages businesses to improve their customer service practices.

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer service, Eric Strand stands as a beacon of innovation and advocacy. With as his vessel, he continues to disrupt the status quo, ushering in a new era of personalized and responsive customer care. Through his dedication, Eric strives to make frustrating phone menus a thing of the past, ensuring that every customer's voice is heard and valued.

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the same thing has happen to me. I tried to use my old card and it was denied. What am I supposed to do?

When will I get a new card?

I call Amy Hunt everyday since july 26 2016, she has never called me back. I cant find my applications on line . Had an appeal ,and still no foodstamps. she and foodstamps cant get their math right

I would love to know why energy drinks are allowed to bought on the card??? I can see buying a few but their are people out there who spend hundreds of dollars a month on things like monsters. Is this going to continue??? I don’t think it’s right their should b a limit to how much people can spend on energy drinks.

My husband passed away in February 2016. I received a letter stating my benefits would continue, so today I finally got to speak to a live person about why my benefits had yet to show on my card. They never mailed me a card in my name. Now I’m waiting 7-10 business days to get a card. Someone should have told me before today. If you have a problem with your card look up ebt customer service not the number on the back. They will direct you.

to whom this may concern: I reported my fscard three weeks case worker has blocked my food worker#wcwc18.21622222 315 5806. please contact me.

I was sent a letter to start using my new card but I was never sent a new card and when I call the number on the card I still have it wont let me talk to no one.

I am working in Findlay ohio . I work 30 hrs a week this dumb ass @ ohio means jobs beth fox is the crookedest person in the world! she needs to be fired. this dumbass wants me to do the works program after I filled out my app an sending in employment verification. wow she needs to be terminated!!!

I called to get a replacement card and it cancelled my old I need my old one till my new gets here is there any way to get it turned back on till my new one comes

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