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There are many places online to purchase team and league-licensed merchandise. Football Fanatics realizes that in order to be successful in the industry, they must provide our customers with great prices, superior products and impeccable service. 1-877-827-8965

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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Order Christmas present 2 day shipping on Dec 20. Item never arrived as of 12-25, Lasership is the worst shipping company and Fanatics is just as bad

If I could give less, I would. I have ordered from them in previous years with good results, this year is horrible. I have received 2 out of 6 items. The two that came were with Fed Ex. The other items with Laser Ship show last tracking of 12/19 and then it just stops. Can’t get anyone at Laser Ship or Fanatics and these are Christmas Gifts that I ordered first few days of December. Unacceptable and I will no longer be a customer.

not a happy camper i order 1 hat on nov 2 and now its dec 2 and no hat or no hat delivered yet. I am glad i ordered nothing else because this company does not care about customer service and its sad. They love to send out emails about 20 to 30 percent off but when item does not come it does not matter. I am in customer service and this is a joke and i am done

ordered a youth jersey for a birthday present on 11/6 checked status one week later status reads new , meaning not shipped yet no email that indicates out of stock but credit card is charged. 11/16 i called customer service said it will be shipped tomorrow. 11/18 checked status again still reads new called back on situation … out of stock being shipped on 12/5 ? Terrible service and that crazy call waiting music makes you want hang up . Time to shop somewhere else.

THE WORST! Ordered an item that I NEEDED a week later… 14 days later still has not shipped!

The worst place to order from ever. Ordered items online that was there when I placed order, never received items only emails after the fact that the where out or not the size. But they showed online. Finally received one item after Christmas. Received two items that had nothing to do with the items I order not even close. Guess as long as you get something even tho it was nothing you order made them feel good after the fact.


I wish I could give lower than one star! This is my third problem with delivery in one month! Still have not received one thing that I ordered! Have you tried to find a phone number to reach them??? Hahahaha! LaserShip, their shipping company is just as bad! I just held for 25 minutes and gave up to leave a voice mail. Do you know where that will go? Hahahaha! I can’t wait to see my charge card bill to see what’s on it from Fanatics. I am not going to let this go. Worst companies ever. I will never order from them again, and I will tell everyone I know to do the same!

The worst customer service ever. Trying to find out where my refund is after shipping my order back. It was mailed to them delivery confirmation so I know they have it. I have emailed them twice only to get two automated email responses which were of no help because I already knew how to return the item. It had been done! Then I decided to try and call them. There number is very difficult to locate on their website so I googled it. Once I found it I immediately called them and of course they have an automated system. They do whatever they can to keep you from talking to someone live. Anyways, I was put on hold for a customer service representative. Was on hold for about 10 minutes when their awful waiting music stopped and it went silent. I thought someone live was coming on the line. Instead I got hung up on. I called right back and the same thing happened again.

I won’t use this company again. I ordered clothing for a great nephew….it was too small. Rather than allowing me to reorder a larger size and charging me a small surcharge and new shipping fee…their ONLY option is to credit my credit card, minus a restocking fee, not user friendly at all.

a 2 STAR rating out of 5 explains it all.

Paid for 2 day shipping, 2 weeks later still nothing. I don’t even have merchandise to return so I can get my money back. How long do you think it will take to get a refund? Worst place to shop ever! DO NOT ORDER from here, this is by far the worst place on the internet to order from. Called customer service asking for assistance, they couldn’t even give me the tracking information on my order? Why isn’t this information on my order details sent to my e-mail address? I called for a 1 week straight and I received the same answer every time, ” I don’t know?” By the far the absolute worst company to make a purchase from. I went as far as e-mailing their eexcutives, still no answer. Here give them a try: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

I won’t use this company again. I ordered clothing for a great nephew….it was too small. Rather than allowing me to reorder a larger size and charging me a small surcharge and new shipping fee…their ONLY option is to credit my credit card, minus a restocking fee, not user friendly at all.

a 2 STAR rating out of 5 explains it all.

Ive never had any problems with this company, there is a toll free number you can contact them at. Its 1-877-827-8965.

I placed an order in mid-November and haven’t received anything from you regarding the status. Where are my jerseys? You took the money but never even asked what about what I wanted on the back of the personalized jersey. WTH?! With less than 2 weeks before Christmas, I’m anticipating these will not make it for gifts and I’m screwed. Thanks for the lesson and I won’t be recommending your business.

I ordered 2 items from your company in December for my husband. the items were a packers coffee mug and a beer mug. About 2 weeks ago i noticed that the coffee mug label was flaking off. I have never seen that before.

S0 your products were shoddy. I was offered 5 dollars off another order, needless to say i will not be ordering from your company again. BUYER BEWARE.

So, you place an order and don’t get ANY emails or anything from them? And why no 1-800 number on your website? customer service is lacking big time. I won’t be back. people reading this, think before buying from them.

Purchased two jerseys on 12-16, with guaranteed by Christmas delivery. Not only was one of the shirts not shipped in time, I never received any notification emails. From reading the other comments, shipping orders in a timely manner and customer service are completely lacking with your company. You got my money this year, but never again! Lesson learned.

I put an order in for a Steeler Jersey in 3x with custom writing on the back ( BIG RAY ) and 05 on the front and have not heard from you or a confirmation on delivery could you please help , me with this. It cost almost $160.00… Please let me know what is going on if it is on the way or what the problem is. Thanks so much !!!

I love everything that I have ordered. The shipping is a little slow and I have missed a few items you didn’t ship. But the customer service I have dealt with had been excellent. All the items that I didn’t receive with the original shipment have been sent to me at no charge. Over all I would say this is an excellent company for sports merchandise.

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Your chat line is very difficult to talk with had to call and the women talking talked too fast and could not understand her. Not happy with you Customer Service.

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