Franklin Chef Customer Service

No Number Listed

How To Contact Franklin Chef Customer Service

Franklin Chef Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. There is not a current phone number for Franklin Chef.

No Number Listed


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  1. Any Luck on Finding the Drip Pan I need one also came up missing have almost everything except Drip Pan if anyone know were I can get on please let me know Thank You or if someone wants to buy this one for parts the heat element rotator and timers works fine have the wheel set and Chicken Rack top and bottom Just missing Drip Pan FR 5000 Series

  2. Check the fuse first I came across on of these wine cellars for free and the fan wasn’t working but there was really no power turned out to be only the fuse. $350 fix 1.6 250 fuse from radio Shack. Note: the shack sells fans too.

  3. Apparently, Franklin Chef has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Looks like this does all of us who need parts a lot of good. I have a pristine Franklin Chef Vertisserie Model FR5000 with the chicken roasting stand, a vertical skewer hanger, plus a pack of never-been-used skewers. I need a drip pan for this, or I need to get rid of this albatross.

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