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  1. search for the coil equipped with a piston or TXV?

    The evaporating coil:

    3/3. 5ERU-G-3

    B 32485D7


  2. I have an old mobile home with a Magic Chef model # BT22-4TVX. The gas has been off for a long time, Hooking up the gas I found the pilot light does not work to either the stove or the oven. Is there a way I can get this to work properly?

  3. I have a 1953ish Gaffer and Sattler built in oven with broiler. There isn’t a model number anywhere. I need to replace the spring on the broiler door, but I need part and model numbers to do that.

  4. My daughter is buying a house with a built in Gaffers & Sattler Model A55A-2CLX electric range.

    The bake (lower) element is bad. Where can I get a replacement element?

  5. I have an approximately 30 year old Gaffers & Sattler gas stove/oven. The pilot is lit for the oven but won’t ignite the burner. What can I do to remedy the situation?

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