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Customer Service Contact Information For GE Lightbulbs 1-800-435-4448

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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We purchased a couple of 4 packs of GE 75W soft white 2X longer life lightbulbs at our local Walmart recently. Installing a couple of them in some table lamps, at first everything was fine. But soon after, when the lamp itself was jarred by reaching for a TV remote or such thing, the bulb immediately burned out. Had the same thing happen under similar cirstuffstances with other bulbs. The second pack of bulbs I used two of today did the same thing. The little cardboard container they are sold in has the number PC90747 on the side where the white inset containing the bar code is. The number directly under the bar code is 43168 90747.

I always try to buy USA made GE products, but I’m wondering after this if I still should. Thank you for your consideration.

We have been having problems with the GE 60watt soft white bulbs burning out in less than two months. I explained this to the customer service rep.He asked me how many bulbs we feel we lost and I said about a dozen. He said that he would send us a coupon to cover our loss. He also asked me to send one bulb back in an envelope they provide so they can look at it to see what is causing then problem. He was very professional and stood behind his product. I was very impressed

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