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GE Money Bank provides credit to consumers and businesses. GE Money is the processor for many store credit cards. GE Money Bank is a member of the FDIC. GE Money can help you finance your purchases at with low payments. 1-866-419-4096

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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I am trying to obtain a duplicate lien release on a 2008 Kawasauki that was paid off May 26 2017 from Pro Power Sports in Ramsy MN. Called the business and they do not hold any liens referred us to GE Money Bank. I have been unable to make any contact with GE Money Bank. In order to get this cycle licensed in

Colorado need the lien release. What are we supposed to do. Please reply.

I am having the worst time! I purchased a motorcycle back in about 2004 when it was G E money Bank I paid off the loan and just today 30 April 2018 DMV told me I cannot transfer it because there is still alean on the bike! After at least 12 years and no one can find any info because you have changed namesake a few times. And I get my call answered in India! Where they can’t do crap because they need an account number! Who the guck keeps that info after 12 years! I gave my name phone number even my complete ssi number! She said I can’t get you a supervisor till I get an account number! Bull! Now what the hell can I do!!

i am waiting for letter to say there’s no lein on my motor cycle purcahased 2007 2004 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100cc You can fax..
Thank You James Duncan Indianapolis,In.

Get in touch with the FTC. Demand to see what dostuffents your creditors have. Make them prove that you owe them what they say. Don’t take their word. They are looking to hang you out to dry.

If all else fails, contact an attorney.

Someone at your place opened an account for me yesterday 3/9/16!! I do not have an account account with you folks.

I would like to know what is Gap/ATRAL and I would like to have my late fee remove that is the time my check comes in and the bank doesn’t pay just any old time.

I have a collection company calling stating that I owe over $8,000 for something I do not owe. They keep multiplying the number due and have not yet told me why I owe them. I do not have a credit card and I did not buy anything with these fools. I am disabled and on very limited income and they keep this rot on my credit report. I am going to obtain an attorney and sue their butts. They are a bunch of crooks and each day I get calls from them. I told them that I don’t owe them but they keep on calling and are nasty and rude along with being non-English speaking.

I just talk to this company and was told that my loan was approved. then they said that I they checked my credit and since it was not very good ” they said I had to prove that I can pay the monthly payment”. They then processed to tell me to go and get a green card from Walmart. I told them to cancel the loan. I will be watching my check account to see if they try to get any money. WHAT A SCRAM. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Hope I have the right company for jc lenneyaccount will make payment june 20 ty

100 dollars

HAVE BEEN ON FOR 1 HR 22 MINS. Its sunday June 15. I can not get a supervior on the phone for the last 1 hr 13 mins.. I call with questions about this account i have. The first person said I can not help you. You need to talk to SMART MONEY. OK, then they transfer me to the BEGINNING OF CALL. DO Y0U WANT TO SPEACK T0….

I GET THRU THAT THEN I get DAN, DAN WHAT IS SMART CARD. I Have to transfer you. I CAN NOT EXPAIN IT TO YOU. hello… the kid hangs up on me. NOW, I SPITTING FIRE… I RECALL. I get CAROL. I said i would like a supervisor now. I am not happy the why your team workings I want a superior then I’LL come back to you. We know that the people that pople hear us yelling do there best. The phones calls keep coming in and people are yellng at them for what the person that transfers your call or transfers your call because they are busy. HELLO GE MONEY BANK. START REVIEWING THE CALLS THE PEOPLE IN ORLANDO DO NOT WANT TO DO WHAT THEY WERE TO DO LIKE HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS. FIRE THEM DO YOU SEE THIS OR LISTEN TO THE CALLS GET OFF OF YOUR CUSH CHAIR AND SEE WHAT IS GOING ON WHAT IS SAID. WE KNOW THAT IT WILL BE A LOT OF WORK FOR THE CEO AND ALL OTHER PERSONS THAT ARE AFFRAID TO HEAR WHAT IS SAID TO THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE YOU RICH. THE PEOPLE THAT ARE CALLING THE COMPANY GE MONEY BANK..]


. ARE U STILL THERE… HAVE THAT PERSON SIT IN LIKE SHE was NEW TO THE COMPANY. And then they can hear what your staff is saying to the people that have accounts with GE MONEY BANK. LISTEN to the recordings to see what is going on with the persons on the floor. (FLOOR MEANS WERE THE MONEY YOU MAKE STARTS)… Were we to customer is getting hung up on, transfer to the operator there is not there (THERE IS NO DESK FOR THE OPERATOR)… Then have to call back in for the same treatment.

GE was a great company but with you sitting behind the big oak desk and NICE BIG chair you will be out of job soon to.

The only person in the company that should be off on weekends is CAROL in KANASA. She know her job and explains thing to you. Carol the sunday superviors in kanasa is the best person for her job. She did not raise her voice to me. Did not say anything as i’m telling her what these people did. She asked me questions and then I was done with the call. The call ended on a friendly have a good weekend. The persons that could not do there jobs should be fired.

I worked for a a big company. If i was to say anything like what happened to me. I would have been fired.( THIS means no longer HAVE a job).

Your people dont even say hello. They start with what is your account number. People out in the real world lke to be spoken to. Not at them. Get CAROL FROM Kanasa, she knows what to do. If you think of it. RETRAIN YOUR PEOPLE, GE HAS THE MONEY TO HAVE YOU SIT BEHIND THAT BIG OAK DESK. Then do something to show that GE MONEY BANK doesnt want to loose there customers because your staff can not do there jobs.

GIVE Carol in KANASA a rise too. She was working on a sundays. Dealing with customers AFFAIRS, WHILE you were out playing golf.

Have a family member call in to GE MONEY BANK toll free line because you’ll redial a few times to get your question resolved.


I was just denied a signature loan because of a charge off from GE Money Bank. I’be never had an account with GE Money Bank. Been living overseas with the Military since 2002!!!!!

Customer service chat reps are mentally challenged. Understanding basic things should be a requirement. I am asking simple questions within the chat, the answers I am given are so off topic and basic…wth? I ask them to look at history because my acct only shows payments for 1 year… did they get the huge payment applied from 14 months ago… my wife wants me to verify. They respond with my account balance, wellllllll duhhhh. I am logged in and I can see that. I ask how to apply additional payment ONLY to a purchase that has an expiring promotional interest rate …. I am told there are 2 promos on the acct – ok, answer my question… I know there are 2 promos on the account.

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