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800-433-5778 is How to Contact Geek Squad Customer Service

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  1. Purchased a laptop on June 14 & was told by sales associate that my QuickBooks & System Mechanics programs could be transferred to new laptop. Ditto when talking to Gsquad guy. Also was told by geek guy that setup of new computer would be completed by close of business on June 14.

    There were problems with new computer and it had to be replaced. This caused delay in completing setup. Ok that’s understandable but while checking on status was told by another Gsquad guy that it was not possible to move programs from old to new computer. It’s now June 16 & I don’t know when the computer will be ready & if the programs will be on the new machine.

    Not very impressive performance.

  2. One file corrupting the computer, that being the graphics card driver which was updated and crashed. Warned them of my history of terrible service and lack of technical knowledge from their company. 7 days later, they give us the computer back saying it is fixed. 10 minute job, 1 week later, problem is still unresolved. Worst excuse of a company, robbing people for garbage service, and having the audacity to act like you are competent enough to do your job right. Quit your jobs and liquidate your company, you vile pieces of excrement.

  3. The first thing this person did was delete all my social network sites and friends names that took me years to get. I am disabled and stuck at home alone. Now I have barely any one to talk to at all . Heart broke. He also cancealed all my E-mail accounts.

  4. Impossible to deal with these folks. I urge you to find local, reliable service persons who will not return to charge you a yearly service fee as if on retainer. I spent over an hour in line in August 2015 and did not find one satisfied customer. I spent an hour on a telephone call and was assured that there would be no further charges; today I found a charge again on my credit card. All agents are as uninformed and incapable of helping as one can imagine. DO NOT USE GEEK SQUAD.

  5. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE Customer Service! I renewed my geek squad prescription and Kaspersky-so I thought. The moron I renewed the Kaspersky with didn’t know you they don’t take Visa gift cards- as if I, the consumer knew that! I was bounced around from the US to the Philippines and all everyone keeps saying is “I am sorry”, but no one does anything! Finally, I just took the antivirus off. It’s not even worth the trouble. Their customer service is NIL!

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