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Could you please quit showing that damn movie Caddy shack put some old highlight reels of the Masters for the U.S. Open anything but that damn movie Caddy shack this is 2016 people

are you people sleeping during the Master play.How in the world is BL playing with an illegal putter.His putter was banned from P.G.A. in January 2016.

Your announcers have to be in love with tiger woods. That’s all they talk about. To them, they would not talk about anyone else. They even show repeats of him, every second. Get off of him.

Generally enjoy TGC PGA coverage but David Duval is a poor addition and gray suits of commentators is so old and boring. Unfortunately, helping to decline interest in a great game…..

Would you please show the leaders at Firestone. All you show are the really bad shots of Tiger Woods. We would really love to see the leaders make the shots that got them there. It is great that Tiger is back and we wish him well but, the new kids are great and so much more fun to watch. It would make my life better because my husband gets so mad when you only show Tiger that it isn’t pleasant at my house.

Why are so many of the golf tournament announcers pronouncing golf “gof” lately. The sport is spelled and pronounced goLf. It drives me nuts! I realize that Arnold Palmer has always pronounced it “gof” but I’ve forgiven him for that through the years. But now, too many are doing it – WHY? It’s “goLF” – not GOF!!

Does this irritate any other lovers of the game?

MS. “Fritz”

Golf Channel, I watch most mornings here in San Diego and enjoy the program except the unjustified coverage of Tiger Woods. I and most of my many golfing friends feel the same so please accept this as constructive criticism. I suspect Rory is going to be the main focus going forward as it should be although no one person is bigger than the game we love. This isn’t why I wanted to contact you after all these years. I want to know where I would find the rain hood Rory had on his golf bag during the PGA Championship. This design looked simple, has a large flap that looked to have quick and easy access to clubs unlike the examples I have used. I contacted Nike but was told this is not a stock rain hood that comes with their staff model bags. Let me thank you in advance and I’ll continue watching the Golf Channel. Best regards, Dennis Jamison.

Where in the world did they come up with Ryan Burr. He has really made watching Golf Central difficult and his comments at tournaments often are off base, negative., and inappropriate. Send him back to where he came from. TWF

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