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By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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Hey everybody- look below- thank you for commenting- this is what I received – I copied and pasted from an actual email. By the way- this vehicle usually goes for 12-14k. And crap- I thanked her for her service to her country.

” My name is Denise and I’m emailing you about the 2006 Acura TL I have for sale. It has all books, complete set of tools and keys and 105,795 miles, Engine 3.4L V6, automatic transmission. The price was reduced at $2,500 as I need to sell it before 15th of February, when I’ll be leaving with my unit back to Baghdad replacing the troops scheduled to come home. The deal includes free delivery and the vehicle will arrive at your address in 2-3 business days so my presence it’s not necessary cause I have everything arranged with Google Wallet. You will have 5 days to test and inspect it before I receive any money and if by any reason you find something you don’t like about, you can send it back on my expense and you will receive a full refund of your money. It is located in Topeka,KS sealed into a container and ready to be shipped to its new owner.If you’re interested in purchasing it, I can ask Google Wallet to send you an email with more info on how to purchase it and how to make the payment and all I need from you is your full name, phone# and shipping address and Google Wallet will contact you shortly after I forward them your contact details. ”

This is the message that was sent to me–My 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5S with 70k miles,clean title is for sale at $3000. My email is: . I’m in a military base,i have a private line here and i cant use this ph# for my personal interest.

From this number

I am so thankful that I found all this information I too checked on a 2008 Altman excellent condition $3,000 with only 70,000 miles the person called themselves Monica H. And would be shipping out to Baghdad after I told her that my son in law was in Afghanistan. Got the same information that it seems like all are getting her email address is [email protected] so call base phone number 1-601-873-3793 so please beware of this person. Car is on Craigslist. Thanks for all the warnings,now it’s time for me to respond to this new email from her. I forgot to tell her that I am a Police officer.

We were nearly scammed today from a Clara Rock. She/He mentioned many of the same things. This came from an ad that was placed in a magazine for a 4×4 (Honda Ricon 2010) that had an email attached to it. They sent a fake invoice and said to go to a local retailer that sells MoneyPak cards. Scratch the back off and it will be sent to a Paypal holding account. Paypal says there is nothing like it.They even involve Google Wallet saying that there is money in a holding account there as well.

My name is Jamila and I just got beat out of 3 grand the lady or who ever it was say they name was Judith Bishop and she move to New York. But why was I getting emails from google wallet like they were handling everything. These people really need to get caught and go to jail. I don’t understand why google wallet was sending me emails like everything was all good. That was my savings now my kids and I have to start all over but GOD set high and look low He’ll deal with them bad luck is all they will have but yes people out there PLEASE don’t buy anything if the seller don’t want to talk to you and to busy to meet you. DONT BELIEVE NONE OF THAT STUFF ABOUT SHIPPING YOU ANYTHING ITS A BIG SCAM AND I’M SO SO HURT THAT’S ALL MY KIDS AND I HAD!!!!!!! AND IT WAS A 2002 Acura MDX I WAS SUPPOSE TO BE GETTING BUT GOT PLAYED!!!!

I put my application in for Google Wallet about Sept. 1, 2016. I have done the 3 extra steps you asked me to and I have not been approved yet. Please up date me on the status of my app.

Where’s my money? I transferred $60 to my google wallet. My bank said you took it but it isn’t added to my wallet balance. I am really poor and disabled and I need to get my affairs in order to finish paying off all my debts.

On January 4th, I called in to google to open up a dispute because money was taken out the wrong account by my billing company …. I was first told that if I lock my wallet that it would stop the transaction, IT DID NOT stop the transaction so I called back to google and let them know what had happened the rep said well it won’t stop the transaction unless the money was taken when or after the wallet is locked… I just spoke to google again on the 6th because I go to pay a bill and I couldn’t because my card is CANCELED they told me because of the dispute they canceled it !!!!! I can’t pay my bills and they showed no concern of caring at all !!! They told me to order the new card which will take 10-14 business days to get to me I also tried to transfer money to another card and because it’s a direct deposit card ONLY it can’t be transferred! What a WASE, when a dispute is made and a card is to be canceled you let the customer know so there aware of what they need to do. When my card arrive I will most defiantly be taking my funds off that card I’M DONE you can’t trust the bank or a card you can load your own money to I’ll just get a safe bolted in home!!!!

I just encountered a scam.. The scam seller wanted his money sent via money gram. Thanks to Google wallet support line and was alerted to this false form of payment….. Many thanks

I lost my wallet password and if I can help or get help with out resetting my damn phone, I would appreciate it greatly. I’ll never use google wallet ever again.

There is someone trying to scam people by the posted name of Susan Davis, she is trying to sell a 2008 Sea Doo, which she doesn’t own. She is asking $2000.00 and states that her husband died 2 months ago and she can’t stand to look at it. Scam bam!! I called Wildlife and Fisheries of Louisiana and SHE DOESN’T OWN IT!!!

After verifying purchase and accepting terms I deposited $1,700.00 into Google Wallet

I guess it was a scam because after the deposit I heard nothing more; from anyone!!

transaction ID #


After verifying, kindly cancel the above transaction and refund my money.

Thank you,


well I purchased a truck from a Sgt. Mjr. Glenda Eliss, and made my payment to Google wallet ths transaction was made almost a month ago and now I have not ehard a word from either or and I am dead broke and my current truck broke down I am do disappointed in myself for believing this lying wannabe army Sgt. google wallet is a fraud scammimg company I wish never even opend craiges list at all my first and last time ever purchasing anything on line

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