Customer Service Contact Information For Grindr 1-310-776-6680

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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Good morning I would like you to help me yesterday

And I saw my picture on Grindr I thought more than this that I somebody else was using my picture there for a contact Grindr and it was a mistake no my account has been suspended and try everything to get grandad to be in this me back I’ve got my friends and say that I like to talk to everyday am axing you to help me the name of my account is can you please send me an email and let me know what to do please help me I’m trying everything

My subscription was only for one moth for 4 th april to 4 may 2016

and I found it was automatically renewed without my permission

as I am not interested to go further for renewal.

I need my money back as I deleted my account which was pulled out with my permission.

how do I retrieve messages from me and another Grindr user as he was involved in an assault and robbery case, how do I get them for the police as the need for the case, won’t let me go that far back on my phone.

I’m enroll in auto payment monthly, not for 3 Months! I was charged for 1 month plus the 3 Months renewal. Can help me to solve this problem?

I’m struggling to find a way to contact Support.

I found a form (Request?) form to fill out. But when I completed that form I got no confirmation the Request went through.

Suddenly, just within the last hour, only 6 profiles are displaying, whereas in the past 50 would display.

I’ve powered-off my phone & restarted. I’ve “X”ed out of the App.

I found nothing about this issue in FAQs – when I considered clearing cache (in case that’d work) the warning in FAQs that I might lose all chats prevented me from trying that.

I can’t find where I entered my email address – when I tried another approach, and trying several passwords, I get an error.

Can you or someone else help explain this issue (only 6 profiles displaying)?

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