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Phone Number: 1-800-952-5210 association with this company:

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  1. Hello. I just received a package that I would like to return. I ordered coco Limon Women’s Love Printed and solid joggers (5-pack) 1. The package has Sleep wear loungewear instead. The are not what I ordered, plus the material is very thin. I went on the Tracking number to get a prepaid mailing label but was not able . Please contact me.

  2. I ordered the fleece leggings. They were not true to size. Had a problems contacting your company. If this company can not get the size correct, maybe they should take their product off the market.

  3. I ordered 2 Joint Active knee braces from Groupon Goods and promptly received them which was nice BUT was very shocked when I put them on my knees and it took half an hour to get them off again There is something wrong with the Velcro that is used to fasten the straps, it is almost impossible to pull off of the fabric it fastens down to and if you can manage to pull it off it takes off some of the surface of the fabric it is attached to. I thought at one point that I would have to cut them off my knees but finally managed to loosen them enough pull them off over my feet. You should stop selling these. I would like to return them and have my money back.

  4. Hi there The bed I orderd is the wrong bed in need to cancil the order. Please. I have been trying to contact u since yesterday. But can’t find your contact number. Thank you. Kuldip sangha

  5. Thank you Deanna for your amazing customer service! You really took care of me and made it so easy to return my product. I was only on hold for 5 minutes, which after reading some others, I was really worried about that. Thank you again! Warmest Regards!

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