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  1. I’ve been begging for a centerfold for 6 years, what’s it going to take? How about a special issue for a little more money, I’ll pay for it. As far as that prude complaining about good figures, join a gym and give your kids violin lessons and stay off the internet and get a job instead of making your mate provide all this too much time on your hands. Though I do find a stack of marshalls awfully great .gear like that would make nice pin ups

  2. After reading the Oct 2015 issue of Guitar player magazine I was dismayed about the (Saying “I love you ” in a song) article. George Harrison wrote Something as a love song to God not Patti Boyd as referenced in the biography “Here comes the sun” pg 142. But I can understand the confusion when George himself said he liked that his love songs confused people as to him equating love between humans and love between a human and God.

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