Half.Com is an company that sells textbooks, movies, books, video games and dvds. 1-800-545-9857

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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They have recently done the SAME thing to my account, mind you they owe me almost $100 AND this ‘vacation’ setting (same as suspension) has in turn caused my Ebay account to be suspended which has snowballed & Ebay will not, though they advise that they CAN’T do anything for me until I resolve this issue with Half.Com, whom of which has absolutely no contact phone number and they aren’t responding to my emails. HOW IN THE HELL CAN THEY DO THIS??? This is a total scam and has managed to completely mar my pristine feedback rating & seller rating. It totally amazes me that even a huge company like Ebay is in on it & they don’t care one bit!

I have yet to figure out a way to resolve this issue and according to’s website, they will be holding my $$ for up to 180 days incase there is any disputes that need to be resolved. I imagine it’s just so they can collect the interest on my $ and whoever else that they’re doing this to. It’s complete BULLSH*T!!!

worst ever do not buy from these crooks,,,,,,i will never purchase from any of these sites again affiliated with ebay or Stick with new prices ,,or amazon you wont be robbed………..

I did not register and ordered as a guest. I don’t have an account and my order was cancelled. I’ve emailed this company several times. All I would like is to have my money returned to me or the book. Please assist as I need this book for class and I’m already late.

This is the second time that I have bought books from and when I go to place my order it says something is wrong with my credit card and tells me to fix the problem and it still takes the money out of my card but never sends me a confirmation. So I had to buy the books again with a different card and this time it went through and when I try to call customer service the phone rings and then hangs up on me. I e-mail technical support and they go oh it looks like your order went through. I was like UMMMM… NO!!! I had to buy with another card for it to actually work, I need someone to call me and still no answer. I will not be using them again, next time I will pay the extra $ to make sure I don’t get charged twice. Such a waist of my time. I hope they finally do something about this or close down. Very ANGRY customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

goddammit, I need some help. after YEARS of being unable to use

some depart cleared up my problem regarding either password of username

recently I ordered 8 videos which arrived. NOW the password.user will not

allow me into ur site to clear up the question. I cannot access you without]

knowing the correct info, must have jotted it down incorrectly.

please pease help me this has been going on for years and a supervisor recently cleared it up for me

I sent out a Brand new book on the time requested by the buyer. I haven’t received my payment yet. Yes , the phone number is not right. What kind of business is this?

I have auto passwords. When I sign in and my password is filled in automaticly. I am told not my pass word. is no good. What can I do? I want to buy some movies but pass word is not good. It has to be right. I,ve rechecked all my stored passwords.mary DeFilippis

While I did receive two of the books I ordered, I did not receive the third. I did not receive a tracking number or shipping conformation, just my order conformation weeks ago. I called customer service for the company that the book was suppose to be shipped from and they could not find any record of my order. Their customer service representative was kind, detailed and quick to resolve my complaint. It was stated to me that did not “porter” my order to this company, which happens from time to time, and that they would cancel and refund my money after contacting Contacting is as difficult as trying to phone Social Security or Welfare Offices. I am disappointed that does not have a transparent way of contacting their customer service department. I will not be ordering through in the future

I cannot find any way of contacting It’s been over a year since I was selling on the site. Back then – they gave you more than enough money to ship the books. I’ve sold 6 books in the past week and only made $2.00 because the amount they now pay for shipping did not cover the cost of the shipping.

Their advise – up the price of your book. Yeah right – when “like new” condition books are selling for 75 cent – why would I raise mine any higher.

I think I’m giving up on that site and list my books in local selling site or just have a big book yard sale.…. you really aren’t what you use to be

Attempted to order books, told me the site was down and then charged my card three times. There is no record of any purchase and no customer service number. I will have to wait two weeks for my card company to file a dispute to get my money back. Never again.

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