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  • Dear Honda CRV,

    Today is Feb 3, 2/3/2016 and my sister bought a 2006 Honda CRV last summer with a trade-in of my dearly departed Wife’s excellently maintained and perfected 2001 Toyota Celica. She LOVES it, however, she does NOT even have the internet, etc and thus, she asked me to help her with a problem she’s having.

    Her back window was left ‘ajar’ and her battery in her CRV went dead. I charged her battery but NOW, she cannot get her CRV stereo out of error mode because it’s in ‘anti-theft’ error mode INSISTENCE that we enter a CODE to get it working normally. The dealer from whom she bought it has no info about the needed CODE and we must rely on YOU to provide us with the Honda Error Code to return the tape and CD and radio system to return to normal working mode. Please note Debbie provided me with this ‘Vehicle ID Number’:


    PLEASE reply to this with a correct stereo error mode CODE to make her stereo work again!

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