HTC Customer Service


How To Contact HTC Customer Service

HTC is one of the fastest-growing companies in the mobile sector and has achieved remarkable recognition over the past couple of years.


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  1. i summited my Desire 700 mobile for repair having Ticket Number: 14INA340004260

    After 15 day passing ,i have no information when i would get my mobile back from Repair center

    I did mistake,to go for HTC mobile .The screen cracked with in 10 day, I was told this happened due to put phone in pocket . How is possible that mobile carry 24 hrs and not put in pocket

    Is HTC Mobile are so delegate , Its screen damages due to using in pocket .

    After given phone to HTC Collection centre , the story not ended. 17days passed away .Local collection centre says his job was only to send mobile to HTC repaire,

    Customer care sent mail for repair cost 8000/- After that i have no information where is it my mobile

    I never go for HTC nor recommend any one to go for HTC

    this is incidence of jamshedpur city and htc collection centre in Sakshi

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