Humana Medicare Claims


Customer Service Contact Information For Humana Medicare Claims 1-800-457-4708

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

2 replies on “Humana Medicare Claims


if they were in any other industry they would all be in jail by now they write you excessively, call at all hours and give out your personal information to anyone with a dime. when you call them you talk to a computer for ever then they transfer you to an alzheimers clinic that mans they phone bank

Totally idiots that work for Humana, impossible to get any live person by phone, and when you do they are ignorant or their computers are being updated, or if you ask for a supervisor, they are never available. You wait on the phone a total of 50 minutes or more. Definitely, the worst medicare advantage program going. Writing up a complaint now.

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