Insel Air USA Customer Service


How To Contact Insel Air USA Customer Service

Insel Air serves the Caribean Area with affordable flights. Their  motto is “Reaching Higher.”
Curacao (Mon – Sun 8AM – 8PM) +599 9 737 0444
Aruba (Mon – Fri 8.30AM – 5.30AM) +297 582 1200
Netherlands: +31-20-708-4806



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  1. Hi! I” trying to call regarding my flight ticket . It cannot go through. Please I need to fix that problem. My flight is tomorrow. I need a number from the company.

  2. Terrible service. They had a major schedule change resulting in a 6 hour layover. I have e-mailed customer service twice and never got any answer. Then called the US line which was disconnected. Called the Curacao phone number and every time I called there were 6 calls ahead of me, it never changed and then I got disconnected. This airline has the worst customer service ever.

  3. Insel air, you are the worst airline in the entire world. I would never require anyone to book with inselair. I don’t think there is a rating for this company. If there is one it would be -100000000000.

  4. Someone booked my reservation for me yesterday, so I am trying to call and request an e-mail verification.

    However, the phone you have listed has a recording stating, “this account number is not valid.” That’s the 1-800-386-4800 number. What kind of a way is that to run a business? I also have other questions regarding

    price of baggage checks. Also, perhaps, changing the date of return.

    Please respond immediately.

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