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Phone Number: 91-114-243-4407 association with this company:

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  1. Waited on hold more than 6 1/2 HOURS yesterday, moved from caller #19 to caller #1 and was disconnected at 8PM (CST) on the dot. This morning, Invicta phone message says they open 8:30 their time. This message continues until 11:00 their time. I am currently still on hold with music, but no longer being told I’m #1 at about 12:30 Invicta time. Eyal, HIRE MORE STAFF!!! You should be amassing a fortune in sales. Pay it forward by (1) providing more qualified people with jobs and (2) giving a flip about your loyal customers who call!!!

  2. Hi I been on the phone for over an hour just to find out about a watch that I wanted to buy and I sent a email to them to and never hard back

  3. Very poor service. Can not get an agent without waiting 38 to 58 minutes on hold. I would like to purchase one of your watch but the bracelet or strap is not long enough. I have a 9 inch wrist. Can you get a longer band or have the one on the watch made longer?

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