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ION makes all-in-one, value-priced, plug-and-play devices that enhance your A



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  1. I used Ion dark red brown perm color on my hair a month ago. No problems. This week the color has started to fade in my towels, pillowcases, e tc. Why? What can I do to stop fading?

  2. I have coarse gray hair and have been using your shampoo/conditioner for gray/blonde hair…’s incredible!! I like the way it softly highlights the gray & that the conditioner really softens those stubborn gray hairs……I feel like I have a new head of hair…… very very pleased with this product and just wanted you to know!!

  3. I really loved your Ion Moisture Solutions Intense Moisture for Dry and Chemically Treated Hair Moisturizing Shampoo. And then you changed the formula. It doesn’t work any more. Please go back to the old formula.

  4. I bought ion smooth shampoo upc# 5033102926850 and ion smooth conditioner upc#5033102926867 for my granddaughter. These products did not work for her. Her hair is really curly. I thought this product would help her. Is there any product that would help her? I tried to find your phone number to talk to your customer service, but I couldn’t find it.

  5. Hi! A friend of mine gave me an ION Tailgater AM/FM compact speaker system for iphone and ipod. I love it!! But she lost the instructions to it. I need to know on how to charge the battery and anything else I need to know about it.

    Thank you!!

  6. My lp 2cd ion turntable recorder that I bought from your company was doing fine but it light up but not responding at all if you have idea how to get it back up ill like you to respond thank you for your help

  7. Hello- I really need your help. I just purchased a ION straightner for my daughter for her birthday a few months ago. I got it at Sally’s beauty store, in Beaver Dam wi. The ladies there were so very helpful of which one to purchase for my daughter she could never find one she really liked. Well the one they pointed out to me said this one actually was talked about at a hair show, and was talked about alot. So i gave this to my daughter & boy did she love it. very much so. However, i don’t know what to do, she had it on the counter in bathroom i suppose, unplugged cooling off. And our German Shepard, chewed the end plug, and alittle on the end of the cord. The plug is gone. She was crying, she loved it so much.She asked me if i could return it to Sally’s, & i said no they won’t do a return for this, cause of what happened. & i don’t know what to do, I lost my job so i cant buy her another at this time. Is there anything you guys could do to help us?

    The model number is 301695, its a 120 VAC-60HZ 30W.

    Certified to CSA STD C22-2 NO-36& States conforms to US STD 859

    INTERTEK- 4000785? Not sure what all info you needed. It is a black one with bling in it. like some gems, it is very attractive.

    Please email, on what i should do, – I just feel so bad for her.

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