iView USA Customer Service


How To Contact iView USA Customer Service

iView USA is a consumer electronics company that produces a wide range of products such as tablets, laptops, and digital signage. Their customer service website involves providing support and assistance to customers who have questions or issues with their products.


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  1. Well they dont even deserve one star! I purchased a 2in1 ultima for a christmas present and it doesnt even turn on! Ive been trying to get customer service and not had luck. its like they dont exist. Ive emailed and received one back i reply and havent heard anything back! Im not HAPPY AT ALL! So Im stuck with this computer that doesnt even turn on! VERY DISAPPOINTED!Blondie

  2. I just purchased my first IVIEW tablet iv700QW I need if possible a power adapter ? My dumb puppy ate the off!!!! She’s lucky to still alive.’….

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