JC Penny Credit Customer Service


How to Contact JC Penny Credit Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-800-542-0800

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  1. I just came back to JC Penny,I have young children and some are reg.slim and Plus JC Penny has meet every need the plus was very hard to find in other Dept.stores matter of fact they didn’t even carry plus. Iam glade to b back with them good fit qualiy.And prices for the most,the arazona brand could come down some the rest is great. Thanks J C PENNY

  2. i started shopping at jc penny again because of the great coupons and a very wonderful young man Aaron in mens ck out.store #1419.he is so kind,helpful and just a wonderful personality.i have never seen him in a bad mood.i had help from a sweet young woman there that day also named Kayla at the same ck out,mens.thanks you for your time and keep employees like this around :0 store 1419 tran-0163 date 3/26/14 assoc 0800

  3. I just called customer service and am extremely dissatisfied. I was unable to get an answer to my question, which is very simple and straightforward. All I need to know is the date when my next payment is going to be due. There was no way I could get the answer to that question. The recording just continued to state all the other things about my account which I was not interested in. But no answer to my question.

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