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Phone Number: 1-800-767-3635

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  1. In November of 2014 I placed a ~$140 order with JKM Ribbon – my card was charged immediately – but I received an email that stated I would receive the items in 3-4 weeks. I did not receive the items, and 6 weeks later followed up with an email. I received what I now know to be a standard email exchange – an excuse for a delayed response (holidays, weather etc.), with an “expected” date of 4 weeks in the future. Each time the new “expected” date passed, I had to contact JKM Ribbon and received the same excuse-and-delay emails. After six months of this pattern of behavior, I asked about refunds, and JKM Ribbon offered store credit. I replied that after half a year I had not seen anything else I wished to order (particularly since in my experience it does not seem that you will actually get your order from JKM Ribbon).

    After further email exchanges where I explained that JKM Ribbon had in essence held my money hostage for over half a year, the company agreed to refund my money. This email exchange was in July of 2015 promising a refund by the end of August. In September, I followed up and was again put through the hoops of delayed response and future “expected” dates. At the end September (after again following up) I received an email that stated there would be a credit posted to my card in 21 days. After six weeks with no refund, I followed up with yet another email. This week (end of November) after more than a year has passed, I was offered a “repayment” plan by JKM ribbon – starting in a month (highly unlikely), for three months.

    Of course, now digging a little further into JKM Ribbon it appears they have very few satisfied customers – most like me – appear to have their money taken with no product ever shipped and many list the same experience as mine (including being offered a repayment plan that never occurs). I of course, am at fault for trusting this company and should have disputed the charges as soon as this nonsense started. The Better Business Bureau gives JKM Ribbon an “F” – which is bad in the business sense – but quite frankly I cannot see how what they are doing is legal. I doubt that JKM Ribbon has ever actually sold the product I bought and wonder how many other products they have advertised and “sold” are actually sent.

    If you feel the slightest inkling to order from JKM Ribbon, read a few more reviews – if you know anyone ordering ribbon (crafting, weddings, small businesses etc.) – please give them a heads-up.

  2. Seems like now you’ve got your customer service phone disconnected!! Why???? I’ve had an order for over $100. pending since June, 1013 & haven’t got it yet! I keep getting the run-around from them. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Worst company ever. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! About three years ago I placed an order with them. Many months, many mails, and much frustration later (and no product), they eventually agreed to cancel the order, atlhough would not refund the money. I got credit. . .OK, I would give them another chance, so I placed another order, however, they DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT TO PAY FOR SHIPPING, so, I had to pay the shipping charge. Months (years?) later, I still have nothing. Second order was cancelled, but I won’t give them more money . . .and they will not take a phone or email order, will not use credit to pay for shipping, and will not give a refund. So . . they keep my almost $200 . .and keep scamming more and more customers. I really don’t understand how a company like this is allowed to stay in business.

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