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Keebler Produces foods and snacks including ice cream cones, chocolate chips, cookies, crackers, cheez-it and vanilla wafers. Keebler was formerly owned by Kelloggs. Keebler’s parent company is Ferrrero.

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I love Keebler Zesta wheat crackers but lately they have not had any and or very little salt on them. Is there any way this could be corrected?

Just opened a new box of Keebler Club Multi-Grain crackers. There are 3 packs in a box and one of them looked like it had been seared at the top – there were also holes up by where it looked seared. I had to toss the package of crackers as they had dryed out and I also worried about contamination. Not only that but the packs appear to be smaller (1 1/4″ down from the top of the box) than previous boxes I buy and at least a fourth of the crackers were broken. These are my favorite crackers and I’m very disappointed.

I purchased the Pretzel thin crackers parmesan and herb flavor and I was disappointed in the flavor. All I could taste was butter. Not sure I would buy them again.

I have a box of Keebler Zesta saltine crackers that have a chemical like smell coming from the bag . I have been buying these for years but no more !!! Very disgusting !!

Keebler chips deluxe COCONUT cookies have been the only cookie I eat on a regular basis for about 40-plus years! Well no longer !!! The “new look-same great taste” slogan on the bag is hilarious. It’s not even CLOSE to the same great taste. In fact, I can’t even eat these as the taste is awful. They taste sort of similar to a plain butter cookie….oh what have you done??? Too thick (no crunch). No chocolate chips to speak of. No coconut at all. No flavor of any type. I”m so disappointed this morning at with this problem that I”m no longer a Keebler consumer. And please don’t send coupons for MORE. This is a disaster. With all the other complaints, I’ve read on Keebler today. It pretty much sums it up. You are no longer interested in selling cookies.

I bought 2 boxes (16 oz each) of Zesta Original Saltine Crackers and both boxes have a bad smell and taste. The upc code 30100 00133 is on both boxes with a manufacture code/date of DEC2415 TA1. I’ve been buying this brand for years and have never come across this before. Has there been some change in your production process and how do you plan to remedy the situation? I hate to give up the product but unless there’s a solution I will no longer buy them.

Where are Keebler Town House Original crackers baked?

On the box it only says, “Distributed by Kellogg Sales Company”. That tells me nothing.

When I searched on the Internet, I could not find any info. Is this top secrset?

My questions – are they made in the USA or have you moved the manufactured plants to Mexico, China, etc.?

What about Keebler cookiers?

Thank you.

This is the 2nd time I’ve opened your Zesta crackers very bad strong smell. Also, my sister in law had the same smell with gram crackers…I would like a phone call on this all these years using your products and something is not right.

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