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Keebler Produces foods and snacks including ice cream cones, chocolate chips, cookies, crackers, cheez-it and vanilla wafers. Keebler was formerly owned by Kelloggs. Keebler’s parent company is Ferrrero.

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Battle Creek, MI 49016-1986
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Just bout a pack of Keebler Sugar Wafers Vanilla flavored at my local Wawa and the first bites after taste was very plastic tasting and had one of my family members try and say the same thing on a different wafer. Believe packaging # is L343LKN

I opened a box of Chips deluxe M&M cookies and had a row completely empty…. I would be ok with it but they cost me over $4 at Publix!! I have pics as well.

I have just bought a box of the Fudge Sticks and they are not fresh. I have the receipt. Do I take back to the store?

I bought a pack of keebler soft batch cookie and it’s double wrapped and the bottom wrap doesn’t have a date on it so wondering if they would be any good

I have been buying Pecan Sandies forever. I just opened a brand new package and they were very hard and smelled and taste stale. I’ve never had this happen before. I’ll most like have to throw them out. I don’t think we’ll be able to eat them. No idea what could have happened but it will be a while before I have the stomach to buy them again. Here is the info for you. BB APR 25 2023
2210EDX3 04 02.16. BB APR 25 2023

I just opened the box of Keebler ice cream cones which is supposed to have 24 cones (4 sleeves). This box only had one sleeve (6 cones).

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