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Kindle is Amazon’s wireless reading device.


By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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Hi Guys,

I have been problem same topic, I have register my kindle but then i can’t login here My kindle Divices .

I been having trouble with Amazon service it always temporarily unreachable. I have good internet service and connection help it was good at one time

I received my kindle for Christmas and I’ve had an amazon account for some time now. My daughter received hers a couple years ago and have always used amazon gift cards for hers instead of a c.c. and never had an issue with payments. I downloaded a couple of apps on mine yesterday–now I am required to put A CC to download anything. How can I fix this problem? I would rather only download amazon gift cards and not my personal c.c.

I saw an ad for Amazon Prime where a Kindle fire was included in the annual fee. I did not apply for it. However, they charged my Visa and no sign of the Kindle. Not very professional.

This sucks my sound quit working plugged in headphones this didn’t work even tryed a Bluetooth speaker it did not work eather HELP amazon can you fix my sound on my kindle this is very annoying to NOT HAVE WORKING SOUND.

How do I exchange a malfunctioning gift Kindle Fire HDX 7″ gift ASAP? I believe it was formerly owned and was malfunctioning when returned. It was not purchased “used” and the full retail price of $179.00 was paid for it. I would like to exchange it for a NEW working Fire HDX and a full explanation for the deceitful purchase .I have owned at least three other Kindles in the past and (each time moving up into a better version) and have always been pleased with the newer improvements. Must I start reconsidering my dealings with Amazon and move on to Barnes and Noble or are you too secure in the market place to address this situation?

I have been unable to add any books to my “shopping cart”, so I haven’t been able to purchase anything at all. I called Kindle support and was connected to a very heavily accented Indian voice named “Vic”. He assured me that he could solve my problem If I gave him total access to my computer.. “Okay,” gulped. After that many warnings and notices (all in red) showed on my screen. “Oh, Mam” he said, “I can take care of these problems and then fix your Kindle problem. But it will cost you $250 for one year of technical support. No problem, Mam.” Now he says,”Just give me your Amazon password”. That was my limit. “no — no $250, no password, No nothing, Goodbye” “Oh no Mam, I have worked too hard for you. You can’t just say no”. (Read my lips, I said to myself.) I do not want your service. “Okay, Mam, I will sign off now”. Good, I thought. A few minutes later, my computer screen was filled with a big (terrifying) red and yellow message that said VIRUS ALERT, complete with flashing lights. This was the number given as Kindle support on the Amazon/Kindle website. How did this person obtain the authority to handle Kindle problems?

Now I have he same problem with my kindle, and I am out what it cost me to clean but the mess he caused!

Somehow there must be a way to order books BY PHONE. Surely that would be the quickest and simplest way to handle this situation.

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