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Phone Number: 1-866-434-0320

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  1. Sun. Oct. 4th our flight was delayed due to fog as many others were. Hundreds of people cued up at Transfer areas. We stood in line for 11 hours Sunday and 61/2 hours Monday morning. No managers were around. No announcements were made. No one cared what happened to these hundreds of people. You say if your are delayed 3 hours you are compensated. We do not want compensation. We feel that how we were treated speaks very poorly for your airline. Somehow there had to be a better way to deal with this problem. The machines would not take any flight information if traveling to the USA. That being the case, perhaps T stations for USA, EU, Asia, Africa could have been separated and may have been more helpful. My husband is 80 years old and I am in my 70’s. Fortunately for us we are healthy but standing all those hours and then trying to sleep on a cold floor was beyond our tolerance level. We were told announcements of pillows and blankets would be provided. This was never done. Little food was dispersed and one had to be in the right place to see someone passing out some sandwiches, water etc. When told there were many who did not get anything, the answer was they would be back with more. But none came. It was if we were animals waiting to be slaughtered. We had no one to turn to but each other. Flying since 911 has been terrible, but this was, without a doubt, the worst. Then Monday people who had been delayed due to fog again were taken BEFORE those of us who had stood for all those hours. They said they had priority because they need to catch flights. This was adding insult to injury as we had been there for 2 days. Fortunately, one lovely agent saw our plight and stopped this but with other agents arguing with her. The booking agent we finally got to was wonderful, Marluce. Your agents, in general, were wonderful, but they had their hands tied. It is your management that needs reviewing and the top people.

    We will never fly your airline again.

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