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Kohls Customer Service


How To Contact Kohls Customer Service for Support, Help, Reviews and Complaints.

Kohls stores offers clothing, shoes, accessories, home products all by the top brands at great prices. Kohls competitors include Macys, Target, and Walmart.

Kohls Phone Numbers

Kohls Stores Customer Service: 1-866-887-8884

Kohls.com: 1-855-564-5705

Yes2You Rewards: 1-855-564-5751

Kohls Credit Card: 1-855-564-5748

Kohls Gift Cards: 1-855-564-5748

Kohls/Food Network: 1-877-342-4337

Kohls Hours

7am to 9pm Central Time, Monday through Saturday
8am to 9pm Central Time, Sunday

Kohls Official Websites and Social Media

Kohls Support Site Click Here

Kohls on Twitter

Kohls on Facebook

Ratings, Complaints & Review Policy:

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Kohls customer service
Phone Number for Kohl’s

7 replies on “Kohls Customer Service


Horrible company for customers I got an email

Your Kohls.com account has been updated

Hi, Kathryn. You recently updated your Email Address to @hotmail.com and we want to let you know we’ve modified your Kohls.com account accordingly.

If you didn’t request this change, call us at 1-866-887-8884

I DID NOT CHANGE MY EMAIL ADDRESS so someone apparently did and is in my account where my credit card information is SAVED but when I call the number you CAN’T TALK to anyone because they close at 11pm

hmmmmmmmmmmm………looks like I’m DONE with Kohl’s.

i am trying to contactt with you.. seem impossible!!!! i spoke with customer service at the retail.. they kept telling me to call you… argh… eventually i wrote several letters to you… nothing to hear from you at all!! iam cery concerned about my billing. please email me if you really actual receive this message! thanks !

Couldn’t get a live person on the line. Someone else was trying to open up a Kohl’s credit card in my name but I couldn’t report it to anyone.

i’m waiting on the 800 number to report that someone tried to open an account in my name. Been transferred 3 times with no result. Not happy with the service

I applied for a kohl’s credit card at the store in st George,ut. the lady said she couldn’t approve it at the time but someone would contact me later. so far I haven’t herd anything.

my name is David Ellis

I want to change my address on my Kohls credit card but my e-mail is now different

and I don’t have a current password… How can I do this???



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