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Kymaro is a leader in the health and beauty Industry. offers competitive prices, fast shipping and friendly Customer Service.


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  1. My name is Cheryl, I am just trying to find out if you have replacement clear straps for the kymaro cami. Thank You, GOD BLESS.

  2. I was given a pair of Kymaro jeans by my aunt 3 years ago that she had ordered and was too big for her. I was not sure if I would ever wear them BUT I did not want to be rude to my aunt. On day I was in a bind with laundry not being done so I had to wear the Kymaro jeans. I left to do my errands and in 85% of the places I went friends/acquaintances made the comment that I looked good and asked how much weight I had lost! Truth is I am same as I have been for 5 years but the Kymaro jeans hugs and lifts in all the places we desire. I am fairly log legged and the legs are a tad bit long but I like that so I can wear heels or boots and still have plenty of length to them. The only thing I find is the waist doesn’t fit me really well and I have to use a belt BUT I would rather use a belt and look good over wearing a pair of ill fitting non complimentary jeans! I now have 5 pair of jeans and 2 body briefers and checking to see if they may have any new styles…. if not I will get the usual and add designs on pockets or something so that they do not all look the same! I LOVE my kymaro!

  3. I ordered two pairs of Kymaro jeans in May. I received both pairs, but one one pair the zipper was sewn in crooked, so I sent them back with paperwork, etc. I just received a call from one of their reps (on 7/28/14) who said she didn’t know what I wanted – it was clear I wanted another pair, same size and said the zipper was sewn in wrong with the pair that was returned. I got the same thing after calling the customer service number ~ the recording kept looping and going back to the beginning without letting you speak to anyone. I won’t be put off, so if no response, I’ll have my reverse the charge to my account. Just type a letter to your bank and hand carry it or mail it with the problem and that your issue is unresolved and you don’t have the product. They’ll reverse the charge if you used your charge card. I have had this happen before, so don’t let them mess with you or just take your money back!


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