LG Canada Phone Number


LG Canada Customer Service Telephone Number and Contact Information. Contact LG Canada Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.



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  • LG sucks.. LG customer service is the worst ever…

    bought LG fridge less than 1 year ago went down last week, and we were told it will take few more days befote they get the parts and send their subconttacted service people, which will take couple more days… imagine living for 2 WEEKS without a fridge. Their customer service said “sorry” that’s all they could do to escalate this case.

    I will not even bother to check anything that has LG logo on.

  • I called you 888number (24 hour service) and got dead air after the options. I was asked to participate in a survey within 15 min. There must be someone there because the survey called me back 3timesbut I could only rate the service as 1. On phoning the French option I was told to call back from 8am to 6pm, weekdays I presume. Isiah to connect my LG. Thanks PAKohn. -P999 smart phone to my chromcast so I can use my smartphone to control my TV. Would you care to email me back or live chat or even phone. there are 3 of these LG-P999 phones in my household and if you wish to sell any more I would suggest a response.

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