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I bought a Lucas suitcase at Marshall’s hoping that it will have better quality. I traveled from NY to Nashville and the suitcase had a broken wheel by the time it reached Nashville. There is a hole in the suitcase where the wheel attaches. It clearly indicates that the product is made of poor-quality material that breaks easily. I am very disappointed with the purchase. Marshall’s said that I have to contact Lucas but looks like there is no proper company website or customer service phone number to report the complaint.

Very disappointed customer – purchased 2 pieces of hardshell luggage set from TJMaxx in June 2022. The luggage was only used two times and now I noticed a crack in the large luggage while packing for a trip. Sadly I did not keep my receipt so TJMaxx won’t give me a store credit without the receipt. Very angry because I spent $158 on both pieces. The material used is flimsy. Now I’m stuck with luggage I can’t use.

I purchased a large Lucas suitcase for my mom ,in Black Friday sale just four days before travel , and my mom travelled in business class on 29th November from IAD to DELHI India. On arrival, the suitcase was broke into pieces at the wheels and one of the wheels went missing, the lining cloth is showing. your product didn’t make up for one trip?.feel very disappointed . Please refund my money or replace suitcase.

Very disappointed with your large cloth luggage. No side handle. First time using on a cruise, the inside material ripped about 8 inches pulled away from black material. Had 2 Lucas carry ons. used for 30 years. Piece of junk this one, plus wheels cave in towards ground.

I purchased a large piece of luggage and it didn’t make it to Paris
It cracked in several places
I want my money back
I have proof of purchase with the date
when I went to the store they told me I had to contact the company

I recently purchased two pieces of the hardshell Lucas luggage for an upcoming trip…one small, one large. After routine packing, the shell of the large one cracked before I even got to check it. When I arrived at my destination, a wheel was hanging off the same suitcase. We had to duct tape both the wheel and the crack to make it through my vacation. When I arrived home, a wheel on the smaller suitcase was gone. Your product didn’t make it through one trip! What shoddy workmanship and a waste of money.

I recently purchase the mauve 31” spinner Lucas Luggage for a10 day cruise. The wheels did not work properly. I couldn’t push sideways it kept turning in toward me almost tripping me. I could only push backwards or pull like the old luggage. It was a huge hassle. I’m very unhappy with the purchase as it didn’t work. Retail store even with receipt would not let me exchange for another. I feel Lucas should do something .

I own a 20′ grey with yellow trim older version of Lucas Luggage that I just love. But the handle has broken and parts have been lost. how can I get a replacement telescopic handle? How much for the replacement parts.

Anita Starns

Purchased 2 pieces of Lucas Luggage a few months ago and when I went to Florida, the inside shredded all over my clothes. Needed to toss them and buy new luggage for my return trip. Can supply photos to show this. Please get back to me. Thank you, Sherry Streit

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