Customer Service Contact Information For Lucas 6-129-490-4000

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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I bought 3 pieces of Lucas luggage in December and it’s 5 months later and 2 have broken I have been trying to get a number to reach someone since the reason I bought this was because it was a 5 year warranty. I need someone to contact me

I bought the 14x 18 inch hard top expandable Lucas Luggage in Silver in October 2022, and unfortunately by May 2023 the Wheels (attached to the hard silver casing) completely cracked open, thus exposing the inside fabric and hindering the wheels. I am extremely disappointed because for a short 6 months I really loved this piece of luggage. I expected so much more from the great reputation that Lucas holds. I have photos to prove all of this.

I purchased a Lucas luggage and it has a part inside where the glue is detaching.

I recently bought a Lucas Language product from Marshals Store in Missouri, USA. During my recent travels, one of the wheels on my luggage broke while returning from Houston. Fortunately, the product is under warranty for 5 years by Lucus Company. I kindly request the Lucas customer service team to contact me at my US address. Thank you.

I recently purchase the mauve 31” spinner Lucas Luggage for a10 day cruise. The wheels did not work properly. I couldn’t push sideways it kept turning in toward me almost tripping me. I could only push backwards or pull like the old luggage. It was a huge hassle. I’m very unhappy with the purchase as it didn’t work. Retail store even with receipt would not let me exchange for another. I feel Lucas should do something .

I own a 20′ grey with yellow trim older version of Lucas Luggage that I just love. But the handle has broken and parts have been lost. how can I get a replacement telescopic handle? How much for the replacement parts.

Anita Starns

Purchased 2 pieces of Lucas Luggage a few months ago and when I went to Florida, the inside shredded all over my clothes. Needed to toss them and buy new luggage for my return trip. Can supply photos to show this. Please get back to me. Thank you, Sherry Streit

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