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How To Contact Lucky Magazine Customer Service

Lucky Magazine and is everything shopping with online local shopping guides, expert advice, and a shopping forum.



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  1. Lucky sent me an official Email Plus Voicemail stating I won the Last Luckys sweepstakes which was a $500 GIFT CARD to LUCKYS SHOPS and $1,000 to spend on clothing,home décor, makeup or I could just request a check. I call the girl who left the voicemail and its no longer in service! And we’re talking a matter of 4 days since I received that voicemail and 7 since the email.

    Ive been emailing EVERYONE who had to do with that magazine and I have not received one phone call or email!

  2. I ordered a subscription to your magazine. I received 2 issues in may one with my name on it and one with my wifes and not another thing. Who can I call and get this taking care of?? sincerely Greg Sotak

  3. I was offered 6 month’s copy of the Lucky Magazine, for a trail period I need to make sure again that I am not going to get a bill at the end of the 6 month’s.It has not been 6 month’s yet but I would like to canseal the rest of the months on the Lucky Magazine .thank you for the opp. to get to know your magazine. Thank you Penny Furrh. So for sure I don’t O U anything on the Lucky Magazine.good night

  4. I haven’t received a magazine for several months, I am subscribed until August 2017, I would like to know what’s going on, please find out why I am not receiving my magazine.

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