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How to Contact Customer Service For Mazda 1-800-222-5500

How to Contact Customer Service For Mazda Capital Services 1-866-984-7718


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  1. Zoom-Zoom, Indeed!

    I love my 2008 Mazda6 5-door, for I’ve had have very little work done on the car, and other than repairing the air conditioner, I’ve had very little maintenance done.

    My vanity license plate reads, Jowrite, but it could very well read “Driving Matters, Yes!”, because driving does matter, and every time I get behind the wheel, I do so with the confidence that my Mazda6 will get be where I want to go with no hassle. Driving the Mazda6 is like driving a luxury car. And for me, it’s truly a luxury to drive.

    The exterior of the car is a “Bright Island Blue”, and the color is well-named for whenever I approach the car to take it out ‘to play’ it puts me into a vacation mood.

    Thank you Mazda6 for some good driving years, and I’m looking forward to having many more with my next Mazda.

  2. Hace 3 meses Compre un mazda cx9 2014. Hace 2 mese ,Tuve una muy superficial raya en la parte posterior izquierda ,ni siquiera daño la pintura , de aprox. 1 cm, De largo, dificil de ver a simple vista. Osea imperceptible. A raiz de eso , cada ves que llueve el BSM , deja de trabajar. Del lado izquierdo y del lado derecho. El dealer me dice que es culpa de esta minima raya en la pintura. (No daño la pintura )

    Fui 2 veces al dealer, y ellos recetean el censor y el modulo, y vuelve a trabajar otra ves ,hasta que vuelve a llover.

    La ultima ves me dijeron que tengo que comprar el censor y el modulo del lado izquierdo y del derecho , aprox. 2000 $ .

    Siento que Esto es un gran abuso, un atropello, que se quieren aprovechar de mi.

    ? esto es la calidad de mazda, ? Esta es la forma como mazda trata a sus clientes.

    Estoy esperando respuesta, pero si esta gente de mazda no me resuelve esta situacion, mas nunca en mi vida comprare un vehiculo mazda, y sera mucha la gente que sabra de esto.

    (He sido cliente de Toyota por mas de 35 años. Grave error haberme pasado a mazda)

  3. Dear Sir,

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    To go further, it is essential to have such kinds of engine parts as inlet valve, exhaust valve, camshafts and rocker arms in normal 4 stoke engines. My technology can remove these parts from every engines. So ,this technology will even result as an advanced change of today’s engine.

    The benefits of using my technology are

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    (4) Reducing the waste of engine power,

    (5) Safe design in high spinning without valves, camshaft, rocker arms and

    (6) Reducing engine weight and noise.

    As it is a new technology, no engine in this world is used such kind of it. By using this technology, we can produce a new kind of engine different from the normal engine. So , this new technology will result a good change in production of cars, motorcycles, ships, generators etc.

    I want to work out my technology co-operating with technicians in your company .

    I hope you are also interested in it and I will be looking forwards your contact.

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