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How to Contact MBF Leasing Customer Service

Phone Number: 0-379-813-038

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  1. FYI the New York attorney general filed a laws suit against MBF leasing in April 2016 “for their fraudulent and deceptive practices that trap small business owners across the country.” The lawsuit alleges that Northern Leasing Systems and its subsidiaries knowingly deceived thousands of business owners into buying overpriced equipment and then abused the judicial system by filing suit in New York to collect on overdue lease payments. The lawsuit seeks to vacate default judgments obtained by Northern Leasing against business owners, enjoin the company and its owners from further deceptive practices, obtain restitution for merchants, dissolve Northern Leasing, and force the company to notify all three major credit reporting agencies that the default judgments have been vacated. This marks the second action that the New York Attorney General has taken against Northern Leasing Systems. Merchants who have been harmed by Northern Leasing Systems are instructed to file complaints here or call 1-800-771-7755.

  2. Why in the world would you have an option for Operator when the operator is not in the same location with customer service

  3. This company is a huge ripoff. I can’t even bring them up on the phone. We haven’t used their machine in a year and we’re still stuck with the lease for another 8 months. This should be illegal and any credit card company that deals with them should be prosecuted as well.

  4. I have tried to get of hold of the

    company to no avail

    I too have had the same scam my lease is up and cannot get anyone to answer my call or fax

  5. Unfortunately I can’t give a minus rating or I would. When I needed a new company for credit cards they forced me to lease from this company. Whatever you do, do it lease from them! I had to close my business and still thought I had a year on my contract. After that year, I called to see why they were still taking money out of my checking account. Well it seems it was a 3 year lease and I was informed there was nothing I could do. I HAD to pay it. I called the credit card company and they said they would help find so done to either buy the machine or take over the payments. NOT! I never heard from them. I called MBF and got some woman from a foreign ou try who was rude and insulting. She claimed there was nothing they could or would do about the remaining 2years and I would have to pay it even thought the business is closed and I have no income. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!!

  6. They leased equipment to me for 5yrs at about $100 per month when you can buy the same equipment for $395!

    What a rip off, you can’t cancel your contract either!

    When my equipment was returned (In the same box) they said they didn’t receive the keypad so they charged me another $147. Customer Service would not help me at all, I even had a certified receipt indicating the weight of the package but it didn’t matter to them. For all we paid them for rental you think they would have looked into the matter for me. I would NEVER use them again!

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