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How to Contact McAfee Rebates Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-817-555-5555 association with this company:

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  1. I’m giving one star, only because 0 stars is not an option. I have a $50 rebate due that shows up on the McAfee Rebate web page as: VALID and scheduled for final processing” for 19 weeks. I can no longer get a living person at the Rebate Customer Support number (866) 880-9644. I spoke to a supervisor over a month ago and she told me that she had no way of knowing when the rebate might be paid as they had a “larger than expected response” to the offer. I note that there have been at least five new offers for similar rebates since my rebate offer (15-26670) expired on 08/08/15. When in the recorded Rebate Center system, the recording says the rebate will be filled within “the terms and conditions” listed on the rebate. That time frame is 8-10 weeks. Like I said earlier, my rebate has shown as valid since 08/20/15 (today is 12/28/15).

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