Metro PCS Bill Pay


Customer Service Contact Information For Metro PCS Bill Pay 1-888-863-8768

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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call the corp. number 1-214-570-5800 you get right through. Be careful with online payments. Your cards are being compromised on their site or by person in their payment office. I was just charged the same payment as my metro payment by another company I never heard of… this is funny since only thing I entered for that amount this month. seems like someone got my card through metro and tried to process money to another company a few hours later for same payment hoping I wouldn’t notice…

This company sucks ass I put 50$ on my account not even a month ago and they suspended my phone because I have a fee of 5 dollars.

I need to change my due date I pay on the 14th which doesn’t work out for me my phone now is not in service because I cannot pay until Friday so if there is anyway I can change when my bill is due to if not I will go with another carrier

I’ve been calling this number 1-888-863-8763 for over an hour now trying to get this machine that I’ve been on line with to put me in touch with a real person; so that I could explain to them that my telephone have been cut off for none payment. But I did mail this payment in by mail on August 8, 2016 by a money order. At the time I didn’t have my account number with me at the time so I just put my telephone number on the money order. I thought that this wouldn’t make a different, but I see that it did for some stupid reason. I need to talk with a person so I can get my telephone back on.

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