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Pandigital Novel 7-inch Color Multimedia eReader. The 7-inch LCD matte touch-screen display allows customers to easily navigate through the various functions and capabilities of the eReader such as downloading and reading books, viewing photos, surfing the web, checking email, watching movies, or listening to music.


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  1. I bought a NEW pandigital Wand Scanner recently– it was actually delivered today. On opening the package and reading the manual, I discovered that the software CD mentioned in the User Guide was missing. I tried downloading the Pagemaker_PC software on my computer and had not been successful. I called and was told that the number has been disconnected. SO, if it is possible for you to send me the4 disk to:

    Thank you very much for your attention.

  2. Hi

    I have recently acquired a Pandigital Photolink One Touch Scanner, without a manual or a driver for my windows 10 computer.

    I suspect the item is no longer marketed by you or it may now be obsolete. Let me know if you can help me get it working.


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