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StandUP Wireless is a government supported wireless service provided by Global Connection Inc. of America. 1-800-544-4441

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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u think since it’s free and that we can’t afford to buy a phone we’re not like the rest of paying customers I had your phone for less then a month it was told to do an update I did it went and damaged it ur add says u have 90 days to replace a phone u purchase or supply by your company it not physical damage software they sent me messages I can’t use it to call basically u send out shit phone so they stop working not just this company I had been sent a POS phone so u will have to buy one to put money in the company by all the companies I was hoping this different I dnt now how y
to get a new one can’t call tired to reach out tried to go to a phone tent to get one can’t so can u please fix this send a new phone I can send other one back to u

Have made 5 “calls” to StandUp in order to talk to someone who knows (a tech) something about the Vortex phones. They will not put you through to a tech, they will not try to fix the phone, they refuse to put you through to a supervisor and often, they WILL hang up on you. My Next Stop; The Better Business Bureau.

Additionally, I transferred my service 10/8/2022 to a new provider. Should have done it 6 months ago. Wasted 1 year with standup wireless.

This company obviously went through the process to sign up as a lifeline program provider that no intentions of fulfilling that agreement. I have contacted them over 5 times about dropping calls every 5 minutes and the inability to use hotspot data. I have 46 gb of data and unable to use the hotspot to connect any devices. Whenever they did connect to the server kept disconnecting and rebooting every 30 seconds. I was practically unable to use it. Who would torment themselves with that. DSL underground was never that bad 25 years ago. Don’t believe the advertising. They are just collecting the funds from the government and could care less. They kept trying to troubleshoot my phone with android steps. I kept telling them 5 times that I had an iPhone and could not follow those directions. He finally told me I needed to contact apple and ask them to help me turn on 2g on my iPhone. I don’t know who they are but they certainly are not any skilled or trained tech support. Probably somebody’s little cousin that just got out of jail. Never worked anywhere in their lives. Needs to be shut down because they are not providing any valid services.

This is he worst wireless company is ha I have ever seen. The employee act like smart asses and then hang up on you.Don’t EVER expect any type of asedence from this company. I did not think they even know how to handle or fix a problem with there phones or service.

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