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Comcast is one of the largest cable tv, internet and phone providers in the USA. Comcast just made a deal to buy a majority of NBC. Comcast has largely re-branded their services as Xfinity

Comcast’s major competitors are Spectrum, DirecTV, Verizon Fios, and AT&T Uverse.

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Phone Number: 1-215-665-1700

Customer Service Phone: 1-800-266-2278

Outages and Service Down Call: 1-800-266-2278

Fax Number: 1-215-981-7790

Email Address: [email protected]

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Comcast Customer Service
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Clearly, the WORST customer service company of any I have ever dealt with.

Took 30 minutes to schedule an appointment for cable repair and then never showed. Rescheduled for the following day and did not show again. NO ONE takes any responsibility/accountability. “That’s not our department”, “we don’t have any control over that”, etc. etc. Continually transfering to the wrong department, and ZERO customer service.

Obviously a business that can only survive because there is no competition in the cable business. Pay these nit-wits about $170 per month.

Have now rescheduled, but with another “two hour window”, even though I’ve already had to wait for four hours for two no-shows. I’m definitely headed for DirectTV. Not sure if it’s any better, but couldn’t be worse.

It’s good to read these reviews. I’m on auto-pay with Comcast. Even if I don’t have enough in my account, the bank pays it, and gives me and overdraft. Yet SOME HOW, I’m two months behind. I’m waiting on my contract to expire, then I’m dropping Comcast like a hot rock!

I am trying to figure out how I can sue these __ __’s if Im behind on my bill they have no problem cutting my service off in which it sucks anyway, but they come out to my house to bury a line, jumped over my fence and broke it now they act like they don’t speak English, this issue have been going on for months and my damm fence is still broke, every time I call I get a difference person, and tell me oh we are working on it, well I aint gonna paid the damm bill and we will call it even 🙂

Dealing with Comcast Customer Service is like dealing with the current Administration in Washington D.C. They will tell you something (contrary to what they show in their answers posted in many of their many q&A sections of the Help section). They will not give you a name of their supervisor nor will they transfer you to that person. Only 1 person told me “make sure you get a technician to come and insist he examine the modem which is apparently your problem in that it just stops and keeps you off of the internet for 6 to 8 hours and at least twice every other day”. They even had the audacity to get me a technician two days later on a Sunday. He never showed up even though they sent me an E Mail stating the “Confirmed Day and Time” of the Tech’s appearance. Then the same day sent me a reminder. When Sunday came the tech didn’t show. We had to cancel dinner plans waiting for NO ONE! I found out the following day after a 1 hour conversation of inquiry that the Tech decided to cancel it! When I again asked to be transferred to the Supervisor, it was denied. Stonewalling, evasive, lying, dishonesty is what I expect if I continue with this internet service. LET US NOT FORGET HAVING TO DEAL WITH THEIR UTILIZATION OF THE UNINTELLIGIBLE INDIAN SPEAKING FARMED OUT TECHNICAL SERVICE YOU HAVE TO ENCOUNTER.

I have been trying to get my phone and internet fixed for almost two weeks now and all I seem to get is the run around, we will call you back ” THIS NEVER HAPPENS”, THE SUPERVISOR IS ON BREAK OR ON THE OTHER LINE They finally send down a repairman, he replaces the modem and says it is fixed, ten minutes later while the wife is on the phone it goes out again. Mind you this is after we were on the phone with someone for three days, now we have been trying to get someone down here to fix problem for another three days. I can not wait until frontier gets everything set up that they will service Andrews. Because comcast has the worst customer service possible,I am still waiting for someone to fix my phone service after four days

Comcast has the worst customer service that I think I’ve ever experienced. It is absolutely ridiculous trying to talk to a human being. They are helpful as long as you’re wanting to buy something, but if you have a problem, they don’t know you. I am infuriated at what I just had to go through with Comcast, and I would recommend that if you’re trying to decide between AT&T and Comcast, go with AT&T.

I called Comcast business and got a message they would call me back in fifteen minutes.

Got tired of waiting and went to ATT.

It is so infuriating to call Comcast and have them make you do their work over and over for them. If there were viable alternatives to this company, I would certainly utilize them, but there are not. Every interaction with Comcast is not the agent’s fault but internal company policies set by higher-ups making huge salaries/bonuses who sit in ivory towers and think up new ways to drum up business. Since you as a customer are chained to their services, the existing customers have no way of getting services fixed or reimbursed for the lack of services. Clearly they farm out the phone services to foreign markets because the agents barely speak English. They advertise that customer service is an important feature, however, that is not actually what happens. I have gotten to the point that I immediately ask for a supervisor and DEMAND that a technician come to my house. Even when a technician comes out that does not always solve the problem. Right now I am waiting for a technician to call me back about my phone and they say it could be up to 48 hours! What do you expect for $150 a month!?!

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