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2/17/2013 Alltel Wireless - I "WAS" an alltel customer until this recent
I "WAS" an alltel customer until this recent deployment that I am on. I place my phone in suspension using my military deployment orders and somehow ALLTEL disconnected my phone. Now they are saying I can't get my number back nor can I have the plan that I was grandfathered in (unlimited data, text, and talk). I have a significant job in the military and now when I get off deployment I will have to get a new number and new plan. Alltell is not going to give pay to get everything thing with my number on it replaced (i.e. business cards). This was a mistake made by someone in teh Alltel store in HINESVILLE, GA that I now have to pay for. I WAS a loyal customer but Alltel does not give a shit about their customers, ONLY THE MONEY WE PAY...

Pissed serving in Afghanistan (Thanks Alltel) Read More
9/25/2012 Alltel Wireless - I have contract with altell since 1999. The
I have contract with altell since 1999. The customer service was great face to face attention. I moved to Texas where alltell has bad service. From 3 lines I was trying to cancel two lines. One of them wait until thecontract was over, the second one will be over this coming October. Paying this extralines one of the customer service told me that altell wave charges when you move and do not have proper service. It was a great advise even when I have be paying for those lines without use. Anyway I send the information that was my license driver proving that I am living in Texas. then my surprise. Alltell continued charging and cancelled the one line that is active causing a lot of damage fir the one line that is using in Texas. I have been talking wig several customer service. They are very nice. And I was waiting for a altell guy to confirm that everything is ok and the call never come and when called. The note said that they have been calling to the numbers that they know is not working an close the case. I am calling one more time an somebody need to call me. It is not fear. Who can make that altell provide a decent customer service.

Amanda Read More
9/22/2012 Alltel Wireless - we have been with alltel fo 20 years and have now
we have been with alltel fo 20 years and have now switched to verizon. was added to our daughters plan to save money for all of us. had our phone numbers ported on the 10th and our billing started on the 6th for alltel. now instead of prorating our alltel bill for the 4 days we used, we have to pay for the whole month. this just isn't right. thanks ALLTEL for ripping people off.

Lyn Read More
8/4/2012 Alltel Wireless - i have amillion dallor fire co and loosing all the
i have amillion dallor fire co and loosing all the time because of alltel service

lynn mackie Read More
6/6/2012 Alltel Wireless - alltel was great when i frist got it been with
alltel was great when i frist got it been with them for years now the service is really bad drop calls are way up they really suck i am done with alltel

gerald Read More
5/15/2012 Alltel Wireless - i no longer have a cell phone and cannot access my
i no longer have a cell phone and cannot access my facebook account please assist me in taking the number off my account

darin mccarty Read More
5/2/2012 Alltel Wireless - I haven't had a single problem with Alltel. My
I haven't had a single problem with Alltel. My problem came when Verizon bought out our area. When this happened, we were treated like bastard children. I drove across the state of SC to find an Alltel location so that I could get new service with Alltel. The only issue I have with Alltel is that they don't offer the iPhone or 4G LTE yet. The prices are very manageable and are 30% less than Verizon. Coverage is better than Sprint and AT&T put together. I love it.

James Arnold Read More
5/2/2012 Alltel Wireless - Long story short...I bought an Alltel Phone in
Long story short...
I bought an Alltel Phone in '08, I had the military suspension for going overseas. They failed to give me the suspension and continued to charge me. I came back from overseas and that is when i realized they had continued to charge my phone.

By this point Verizon had bought out the area and my account transferred over. I spoke with verizon and had the debt removed from my credit report within 3 days.

Now almost 1 year later Alltel has put the bill BACK on my credit through Recovery Partners LLC. I am very unhappy with Alltel service not to mention it is more expensive then it is worth. I am now a straight talk user. not the newest phones but great service month to month and much more affordable.

Might be time to talk to a lawyer and go after Alltel.

Michael Londakos Read More
4/21/2012 Alltel Wireless - If anyone out there is reading this to make a
If anyone out there is reading this to make a decision to get phone service, 99.8% of what is written here that your reading is true. Been with the company for 13 years. I had a phone replaced 3 years ago with new phone and no problem .. 2 1/2 weeks ago went to the local alltel office and had get a repacement phone that was a recycled one and the backlight was defiective flashing off and on by itself and killed the battery before 2pm next day (phone on charge overnight)Went back on Tue and got another recycled phone it lasted 2 days and it has a problem with ear peice Went back to local office and was told i would be getting one in the mail in 3 days and it came in on the Sat before easter sunday of this year...went back to the local office on monday waited for a hour just to be told that the LG phone i recieved was different and my phone back would not interchange .Who or what company in their right mind would send out a phone with NO BACK OR that monday night called alltel about the no battery and no back for the phone and was assured one out on the next day ...ppppfffftttt....last monday 04/16/12 called alltel again on status of parts...none had been shipped...asked rep to help us and rep said to get another contract and they could send a different kind of phone, and it would be overnited the next morning 04/17/12 so i did...It is now 04/21/12 and still no phone...Called rep again and was advised they didn't have any more of the samsung phones .. REp tries to hook me with a smart phone...I already been there done that ands never again... I dont care who makes the phone i need one that WORKS This is just poor service....They already have my money and now they could care less!..Alltel,you need to listen to your customers ! Think your to big to fail ? I see a lot of customers that have had service with you a long time if you dont take care of them,some one will.

pissed Read More
4/20/2012 Alltel Wireless - Hi,I bought a new phone from Alltel December 15th
Hi,I bought a new phone from Alltel December 15th of last year.I started having problems with it right away and called Alltel. On December 29th of last year they said they were going to send me a new phone.i waited 44 days calling every couple days being reassured the phone was on its way.on the 44th day an agent told me sorry your phone isnt coming its been out of stock since the agent said we will send you out another phone and we will ship it over night.I waited a few more Weeks calling every day being told it was on its way.they were sorry its taking so long.well last week they finally told me yes we sent out your phone but wr are sorry we sent them to the wrong Friday April 13th I spoke with another sipervisor and was told I was getting an upgraded phone and it was being shipped over nite.well today is April 19 th and guess what no phone.i called Alltel and I was told that on the 13 th the computers malfunctioned and erased Al the orders.can somebody please help

badnewz Read More
3/7/2012 Alltel Wireless - It is really amazing how a company can go from
It is really amazing how a company can go from Sugar to ______with a blink of an Eye. I lost my phone on sunday, reported it stolen on Tuesday, NO problem. when I called back on Wednesday to enquire of a purcahse, replacement and just what the existing plan the phone was on I got the following:
Call#1 to Alltel: We do not have you listed as an authorized user on your Mothers account, although the phoen you canceled was listed in your name? can you three way your mother or is she around? (No she lives in another city)

Call#2 Mother called to put me on as an authorized user.

Call#3 called again to enquire of phone purchase and replacing lost phone. We will need your mothers full address and last 4 digits of ssn?

Call#4 You have to file a claim for the lost phone and pay $50.00 and you are not eligible for an upgrade until your contract is up in june? So in order to receive upgrade you must pay 75.00 for early upgrade plus $1.00=$76.00? Wow what a wacky company it is not the customer service as people are not nasty, it is the red tape, the nonsense surrounding getting service from a contracted vendor, as well feeling satisfaction that your needs in a phone company are met and obviously ALLTELL needs more training.

Linda Read More
2/22/2012 Alltel Wireless - i have been with Altel Sence 2003 good servce if
i have been with Altel Sence 2003 good servce if you have trouble Get a LG my frist phone, Samsung does not do go too many drop calls as with any sercice Or Motorra Raz great phones

Steve Read More
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