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Yahoo the webs most popular portal and is a huge source of internet news and content.

Yahoo USA Corporate:
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94089 USA

24 Hours 7 Days a Week

More Yahoo Phone Numbers
Corporate Phone Number: 1-408-349-3300
User Provided Number: 1-800-730-2669
User Provided Number: 1-800-318-0612



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11/14/2012 Yahoo technical support team, for about a week or
Yahoo technical support team, for about a week or two now i have not been able to access my e-mail accoun,the reason being that, anytime i try to log on, a security massage reading as follows

"You are logging in from a device we don't recognize. Learn whyFor your account safety, please answer your security question below.
Where did you spend your honeymoon?
Added September 11, 2009"

Yes am aware you are protecting me but the issue here is that, i can't recall the answer i gave to the said security question making difficult for having access to my officail information that can also cost me losing my job. I am therefore craving your indulgence to assist me solving the problem. Thanks

RichardRead More
11/17/2012 forgotten password to Yahoo Account 11.17.12
I cannot remember my password. I went through that all that pages of stuff they needed to provide a way to get my password. Then I was told that I would receive Email about the problem. How am I suppose retrieve the Email IF I DON'T HAVE THE PASSWORD TO SIGNON?

kfdRead More
9/2/2013 Yahoo won't give me a new ID without my phone number
Dear Yahoo. You won't give me a new ID w/o my cell phone. I don't give my number to google, I don't give it to facebook. Please clearly articulate, why should I trust you with it?

KatieRead More
9/5/2013 My Yahoo account was hacked and after sending 900 emails to my contacts
My email account was hacked and after sending 900 emails to my contacts asking for rescue money (to get me home from Manila), they deleted my entire address book and contact list. When I called a YAHOO Customer service # I reached someone in India who was very difficult to understand, he gave me to another person (also in India) who was easier to understand, but who had the HARDEST SELL tactics I've ever experienced in my life. Feeling vulnerable from the cyber-attack, I agreed to pay ($560) for the services he recommended (he scared me into it). I regret it now and I'm trying to get out of the 'deal' I made with him to clean up my computer and YAHOO account. He said he is unable to retrieve my contact list. Other stories in this comment section seem very similar to mine. Has anyone had a successful YAHOO Customer Service experience? I sure would like to hear about it. FRUSTRATED and ANGRY!!

LindaRead More
8/30/2013 Locked out of Yahoo for 4 days
Have been locked out for 4 days, unable to sign back in, put in mother;s lst. name as requested, said it was wrong (I do think I know my own Mother's first name, duh) Have sent several requests for help and no luck, changed password as asked and still does not work. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

LindaRead More
9/4/2013 Yahoo has the worst customer service of any website
the worse customer service of any site and am moving to Google or Bing. Cannot take this anymore. Their capacha letters are so awful I cannot read them and therefore I cannot send any e mails. Stupidest system I have seen. I have been on the phone 45 minutes for a customer service rep and from what I see from other comments it would not matter if I got anyone or not because I probably would not understand them either. This DISGRACEFUL.

clioRead More
8/31/2013 Yahoo outsources to India? How un-American Yahoo outsources to India? How un-American. STOP playing those loud, gawdawful commercials. They make me cuss your advertisers, not make me want to buy from them.

connieRead More
9/2/2013 Do not sign up with Yahoo - Very unhappy with them
I have had to change my password 6 times in the last month.... Yahoo, get this straightened out or you will lose me and many others who are very unhappy with this company... or do you care about what people are saying and spreading the word to not sign up with YAHOO!!!

donna eddyRead More
9/3/2013 Cannot understand Yahoo techs their accents too heavy
cannot understand the techs their accents are so heavy. I could not understand what they wanted me to do, which frustrated both of us.

DaleRead More
8/28/2013 Yahoo's sports page is terrible, unusable and unreadable
your sports page is terrible,unusable, and unreadble. you are forcing me to find a different web site to follow the sports i would to keep informed

mikeRead More
8/30/2013 Just received a Yahoo email that said I won a contest from you in the UK
I just received an email in my bulk mail saying I won a contest from you in the UK how do I send it to you?

DeAnnRead More
9/7/2013 Please quit running advertising on the right of Yahoo Page
Please get your advertising off the right hand margin of my computer.All you are doing is alienating me from ever doing business with any of your advertisers....I am sick of seeing a can of red spray paint.I will never,never,support any business of product advertised in this manner...They are lower in my mind than unsolicited telephone adds or sales pitches.I dont support them in any way either..........;

Gary E. HarlanRead More
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