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Yahoo the webs most popular portal and is a huge source of internet news and content.

Yahoo USA Corporate:
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94089 USA

24 Hours 7 Days a Week

More Yahoo Phone Numbers
Corporate Phone Number: 1-408-349-3300
User Provided Number: 1-800-730-2669
User Provided Number: 1-800-318-0612

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1-866-562-7219Review Needed Please Comment


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9/4/2015 wtf going on with yahoo customer service phone
wtf going on with yahoo customer service phone number. stupid yahoo.

shadowz108Read More
9/3/2015 I have not been able to get into my Yahoo email for 2 weeks
I have not been able to get into my email for about 2 weeks now. I NEED THIS EMAIL FIXED. I am looking for work and use this email address for everything. How can I have someone send me an email when I can't get into it to see if they contacted me? Aren't your people supposed to be computer experts at what they do? If these people don't know what they are doing fire them and get new people that do. This is very frustrating.

Jo AnneRead More
9/2/2015 9/2/2015: What is going on with Yahoo?
9/2/2015: What is going on with Yahoo? My goodness, I understand the need to make a company better, but this is too much, too often and too annoying. Don't they get it? Just give people the classic version and the option to change to any of the 42 billion new changes they constantly make. I am so sick of yahoo!!
What is with this new version. I couldn't find the send button, can't find theme or settings? No phone calls anymore. All I can say is; take a lesson from GOOGLE, people may not like them either, but they don't freaking change and change and change and change and change and change and change things. Someone needs to be demoted.

Yahoo is a Frustrating company.

yee yeeRead More
9/2/2015 Yahoo - NO CUSTOMER SERVICE ...WTF!!!

9/1/2015 No one to contact Yahoo E-mail help is useless
Same issue, no one to contact E-mail help is useless, password to get in keep changing, then don't work, no E-mail is going out, says wrong password then i try automatic password that doesn't work, is anyone home there?

KenRead More
9/1/2015 I can't get into my Yahoo email - I would like some help

PETERead More
9/1/2015 I've changed my Yahoo password 3 times in 4 days
I've changed my password 3 times in 4 days, now I'm locked out again for an incorrect password. cannot talk to anyone at customer service, get referred to email. if I could get into my email I wouldn't need to talk to customer service. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

JIMRead More
9/1/2015 I am getting the runaround from Yahoo Customer Service
I have been trying to get in my mail 5-days with no success can't get in touch with yahoo keep getting the runaround they want to email me the problem why I can't get into my mail if I could get in my mail I wouldn't need their help can't talk to anyone when you call all the numbers you get off internet they keep telling you to solve the problem on internet but can't solve problem this way either (they want send you a text message or call you SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHATS LEFT TO DO (HELP)

johnRead More
9/1/2015 My yahoo mail has been hacked through my facebook
my yahoo mail has been hacked through my facebook account which is linked together. my last post of my facebook is my wife's birthday wish on. the day after it was hacked by fraudsters who then changed my account details and password that I can neither access my email nor my facebook. kindly assist me to recover my email from these fraudsters who has gone wild in using my facebook to request for airtime from my contact claiming that I am in a meeting and someone is stranded in places like lokoja and kogi.

godwiinRead More
8/31/2015 Yahoo services are the worst - Trying for days to sign-in
Yahoo services are the worst. I have been trying for three days to sign in to my email you send me to the same option over and over again. your phone numbers are deleted. you are no help at all. My password is correct, but you keep rejecting me. this happens every time someone uses my computer to check their email,

dianeRead More
8/31/2015 How do I change the time on my Yahoo email?
I have been trying to change the time on my mail account. I am cannot able to contact anyone about changing this.

Ms. VRead More
8/31/2015 I need a call back from Yahoo - I can't get into my email
I need a call now. all weekend I could not get in my emails it will not take my email address

kathrynRead More
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