1-732 686 6334

Customer Service Contact Information For Agptek 1-732 686 6334

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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1-732 686 6334

I am trying to set up my new AGPTEK Call Center Headset Telephone. I am having trouble setting the date, day of week and time. I followed the directions and didn’t work. What code and PCODE am I supposed to use? Please help. Thank you.

I have just purchased a dog training collar that was sold by AGPtek and bought through email through Wallmart. Tried to contact customer service through email as the direction suggest. No email address is on packing slip as directed in the instructions. Have searched on internet for their customer service and can not reach them. The order number is 3941691515924 and was received within a few days. Charged batteries as directed and the transmitter will not respond. Have tried everything the instruction manual suggested but will not work.

Can you give me the link to obtain mac drivers for the type to PC converter

Thank you

I purchased (2) DC-7-150413 electric dog control collars off EBAY, and I cant get them to work. We have installed the batteries as per instructions but the remote and transmitter don’t communicate. So I am not getting any vibration or sound. I have contacted the company I purchased them from by email and have not heard from them as of yet, so I thought perhaps you could help me. Maybe we are doing something wrong. The collares are brand new in box and batteries were included. The remote and transmitter both light up, so I think we have the battery in correctly. Please contact me with any recommendations.

I have 6 of your MT1 Walkie Talkie Watches but need the manual, can you send me a link on where to download one?

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