DirecTV Customer Service

DirecTV Customer Service Number for Support and Help: 1-800-824-9081

DirectTV is a Satellite TV Provider in the U.S.A. They provide multiple HD channels to viewers. DirecTV provides sports, news, tv channels, NFL Sunday Ticket and movie channels.

One of DirecTV’s most popular features is NFL Sunday Ticket. This feature allows you to watch every NFL football game on your TV, computer or mobile device. NFL Sunday ticket is a must for serious NFL fans. However, a common complaint is that they will renew the service each year if you do not cancel the service. 

You can watch live TV or stream up to 45,000 shows or movies OnDemand on up to 5 screens at once. They also offer the next generation DVR, the Genie HD DVR. Looking for customer support for another tv provider? We list all of them at this link for tv and internet service providers.

DirecTV Now Phone Numbers

DirecTV Now: 1-800-531-5000

DirecTV Now: 1-800-531-5000

Customer Express Line: 1-800-824-9081

TTY: 1-800-779-4388

TRS: 1-800-531-5000

Sales: 1-888-777-2454

Customer Service Email
DirecTV does not publish customer service email addresses. However Verizon does have a contact page where you can chat about your customer service issues through a chat client. You can access chat through this link.

Hints to Reach a Live Person
To reach a life person at DirecTV customer service, call their customer service phone number then enter or say your phone number or account number. Eventually, you will be get a human to speak with at DirecTV.

What are DirecTV’s customer service hours?

Support is available every day, 8 a.m. – 12 a.m. ET

Who owns DirecTV?

DirecTV is part AT&T. Since they are part of the same business structure, you can get package deals with DirecTV and AT&T services like internet, phone service and cellular service

Is there a competitor to DirecTV for Satelite TV?

Yes, DISH network is the competition for DirecTV. The downside for DISH is that they do not offer NFL Sunday Ticket.

Can I get help from DirecTV on Social Media?

Yes, DirecTV maintains accounts on Twiter, Facebook and Youtube. Use Twitter or Facebook for customer service issues.
DirecTV Support on Twitter
DirectTV Twitter Account.
DirecTV Support on Facebook
DirecTV’s  Youtube Account

DirecTV Customer Service
DirecTV Customer Service Phone Number

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  1. WHERE IS THE WEATHER CHANNEL???????? Weather nation is the pits! I can`t get the locals because my box is a older version,and I own it.I`am sure the new boxes have to be paid by the month, and it will probably take me the rest of my life to pay for it. Get the weather channel back!

  2. directv is so lame we paid our bill and moved into a trailor and they want us to pay for someone else service that use to live there before we got there.i don’t think its right for us to have to pay for something we didn’t make so much for them I got dish network haha that’s their lost

  3. Come on Directv…..WEATHER NATION just doesn’t cut it. Can’t wait when the time comes to return to The DISH Network. Directv don’t care. SICK of DIRECTV. Thank You. Would never tell anyone to sign on with Directv.

  4. just a few lines to tell you weather nation stinks. i want the weather channel back as soon as possible.

    thank you.

  5. Well so much for keeping our rates down…Just got my bill…going up another $3 Took our weather channel away,witch we loved having it and having our own cities that we could put in.

    Every time it rain’s or snow’s hard it goes out …Very upset….Time to look on..

  6. Big mistake getting rid of the weather channel. This substitue you put on in its place is worthless. No local weather forcasts. You might as well put on cartoons.

  7. “technician was here today to upgrade to hd” Now one tv works and one does not !!! Going back to dish network ! Never had a problem with them !

  8. The recent dispute between “The Weather Channel” and Directv apparently will not be resolved with the return of the weather channel. I would just like to offer my opinion of the so called replacement. It’s terrible !! No longer can I get local weather or keep check on my friends via “favorite cities” option. Instead there’s a stream at the bottom of the screen that if you want to wait half an hour you might (or might not) find the information your looking for.

    My question to you is, are there any other weather channels that would like to do business with you ? If so, lets give them a try….please !

  9. Unable to get several Channels on DTV,called Customer Service.Finally agreed to have a Technician come Out and Check the Problem. Technician never SHOWED UP…To make matters worst I was Bombarded with Calls regarding the Upcoming Service Every Day for Four Days. Customer Service and the Whole DTV Service is not what I hoped for… Back to Cable TV in 6 Months……

  10. I cannot get a response from DirectTV even tho have been a customer since early 2008. Tried to Emailo custmer service to get statu on WEatherChannel but all Iget are more questions and rejections (cannot recognize your request, not total info, need Email) Well guys, my next bill payment will have to be delayed until I get some reasonable personal response to my request…AND I DID GIVE YOU MY EMAIL!!!!!!!

  11. I am mad about losing the weather channel. I live in Oregon and have family in Maine and other places that I would keep track of their weather. That is gone now. We want our weather channel back. There is several other people who are upset about this also. They are talking going to a different provider if we dont get the channel back.

    Thank you, Marla

  12. Direct tv took two channels off the air this month I’m thinking about switching to another services

  13. If The Blaze and SEC Network is not added to Directv, we will change providers as soon as our contract expires.

  14. Pretty much my sentiments, but my payments gradually went up to $113.00 per month with NO premium services, i.e. HBO,Cinemax, Showtime, etc. NOW, there’s NO Weather Channel with locals ! What gives?

  15. I am reaviewing other companies to switch to for my TV channels. Since you got rid of the Weather Channel I am VERY unhappy. I practically lived on that channel. The local weather could be pulled up at any time and I always listed places we were going to travel on “my cities” and could monitor the weather there. I even enjoyed many of the shows weather channel brocasted. I feel like I know all the people and loved them all, feel like I lost friends. This weather nation is the WORST – BORING and the format is terrible.

  16. I’m glad you dropped the Weather Channel. I was sick to death of their global warming propaganda. Hope you don’t take them back.

  17. Weather Channel dispute!!!

    Bring back the Weather Channel. At least they have a spark of energy to their broadcast.

    Weather Nation is so boring. Don’t show me a chart to tell me how much a river has risen, go out in the field and show me the real thing.

    Weather Channel educates, entertains, excites and gives life saving information. You feel connected to the whole country. You laugh and cry with other people and the weather related experiences they’re going through.

    Forget Weather Nation!!! I will not watch this.

  18. To Direct TV

    Why in this world have you gotten rid of the Weather Channel? What you have there now for

    the weather is unbelievable. I loved being able to pull up my own area for the weather.

    I can’t even read what is on the screen any more and it takes for ever to get the weather

    for my area. You have set that channel back 20 years. I depended on that channel for the

    bad weather in my own area. You are raising your prices and and down grading your service

    which is lacking to start with. If I wasn’t signed to your contract, I would be cancelling your service all together. Patricia Lambdin

  19. Well, as a LONG time customer, you just ended DIRECTV for me. You had the BEST Weather Channel, but you are changing to a cheaper & junk Weather Nation which is JUNK. You’ve already dumped a lot of JUNK channels on us that are not worth watching. We’ve had enough! DISH TV is looking pretty good right now & you don’t even give a HOOT if we stay or not. Enough is ENOUGH!!!

  20. Dropping the Weather Channel! What’s up with that. My vote – Do not drop the Weather Channel! It is a valuable resource. I will be reviewing my package with your company in the near future. I believe dropping the weather channel is a decision that will go well for competitors. People I speak with can not believe this is even a consideration by your company. Thank you – djf

  21. I want to keep the Weather Channel. I program my TV to the Weather Channel so it is the first channel I see every morning. If it is removed, I simply will not turn it on; I’ll get the weather from my phone. I will encourage my husband to consider COX cable: they already provide my phone and internet because they are more reliable than what DTV can offer.

    I have sent a request to my government representative regarding this issue.

    Thank You,

  22. Direct TV is sucks ive been watching my favorite team all of the sudden black out and it said call customer service that’s the most stupid things call customer service @ 8pm california time you cant even get intouch to any of them I am changing cancellyng this stupid direct tv and go with time warmer or verizon ….

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