DirecTV Customer Service

DirecTV Customer Service Number for Support and Help: 1-800-824-9081

DirectTV is a Satellite TV Provider in the U.S.A. They provide multiple HD channels to viewers. DirecTV provides sports, news, tv channels, NFL Sunday Ticket and movie channels.

One of DirecTV’s most popular features is NFL Sunday Ticket. This feature allows you to watch every NFL football game on your TV, computer or mobile device. NFL Sunday ticket is a must for serious NFL fans. However, a common complaint is that they will renew the service each year if you do not cancel the service. 

You can watch live TV or stream up to 45,000 shows or movies OnDemand on up to 5 screens at once. They also offer the next generation DVR, the Genie HD DVR. Looking for customer support for another tv provider? We list all of them at this link for tv and internet service providers.

DirecTV Now Phone Numbers

DirecTV Now: 1-800-531-5000

DirecTV Now: 1-800-531-5000

Customer Express Line: 1-800-824-9081

TTY: 1-800-779-4388

TRS: 1-800-531-5000

Sales: 1-888-777-2454

Customer Service Email
DirecTV does not publish customer service email addresses. However Verizon does have a contact page where you can chat about your customer service issues through a chat client. You can access chat through this link.

Hints to Reach a Live Person
To reach a life person at DirecTV customer service, call their customer service phone number then enter or say your phone number or account number. Eventually, you will be get a human to speak with at DirecTV.

What are DirecTV’s customer service hours?

Support is available every day, 8 a.m. – 12 a.m. ET

Who owns DirecTV?

DirecTV is part AT&T. Since they are part of the same business structure, you can get package deals with DirecTV and AT&T services like internet, phone service and cellular service

Is there a competitor to DirecTV for Satelite TV?

Yes, DISH network is the competition for DirecTV. The downside for DISH is that they do not offer NFL Sunday Ticket.

Can I get help from DirecTV on Social Media?

Yes, DirecTV maintains accounts on Twiter, Facebook and Youtube. Use Twitter or Facebook for customer service issues.
DirecTV Support on Twitter
DirectTV Twitter Account.
DirecTV Support on Facebook
DirecTV’s  Youtube Account

DirecTV Customer Service
DirecTV Customer Service Phone Number

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  1. Tried to sign up with direct tv after dish network cut ties with our local NBC station. I was given a date in 3 weeks to be installed. I took 4 hours off work to wait for him and he never showed. Found out after several calls that they didn.t give him the address and got no message from the installer. A few more phone calls and I was given a new install date in another 3 week.. More phone calls and they gave me an access code to watch tv on the computer which did not work .More calls and I finally got to and English speaking person who I told to cancel everything.

    Waiting to see how that gets screwed up. I wouldn’t recommend Direct tv to a dead skunk.

  2. They promised me $57 per month for 1 year used auto pay in 2 months they took $380 out of my account called customer service 3 times could not understand the rep because of the accent. They are outright thieves I will find someone that speaks English eventually and either prosecute or get my money back. Wish me luck.

  3. I have been a customer of dirctv for over 30 years. Before ATT took over the entity I had one good service for a non working Directv. To day I called the DTV for error 771 after checking all connections inside the house and I called to report that the problem has been resolved. I have being paying a service charge each month for the last several years and today the service rep has the nerve to tell me that only covers telephone consultation and that I have to pay $149 for rep to come check!!. This service stinks. This was my experience with ATT phone service, avoid them if you can.


  5. New customer and nothing but problems with TV. NO FREE anything with my subscription – had Comcast and all the others. Hope they will take me back This service sucks!!

  6. Took me 1:75 min to get this resolved, I was charged late fee for Direct screwing up my account put me on paperless billing on bill disgusting cant get in touch with American rep India ,Mexico Africa etc. direct TV is crap, crap ever since ATT. finally got to talk to a supervisor (Catherine) in the Philippines she fixed it. don’t know how long I can tolerate this was customer since 2000 with good service then came along ATT canceled them for 3 weeks to get a new customer discount for year. old customers get nothing

  7. I have been overcharged on my account for the last 2 months (double) and am being over charged again payment pending for April. No one will help or admit there is a problem . Acct # 56169304. I have canceled my auto pay and will not make any more payments until the problem is resolved.

    1. Me to!! I have a bundled account and the ATT side cannot access the 175$ in unauthorized charges that Directv already billed me. Ive called 9 times have 60 pages worth of chat 40 pages of dostuffentation and its still not corrected!!

    2. was a Suddenlink customer when ATT called and offered me bundle special for $ 120.00 mo. which included lineline phone, internet, and TV. was told accounts would bundle after 60 days and would receive one bill. First months billing was correct…after that and now going on 4 month I have to call them ask why I am not being billed the special amount and why has it not combined on to one bill???!!! Never can get a person you can understand unless I ask for the cancellation department. they fix the problem for that bill and then next month I get to do it all over again!!! got me hooked into a 2year contract……NEVER AGAIN!!! once I am out of this…..

  8. My Directv started going out on Thursday 5/11/17. I have tried since then tried to contact a repair person for Directv. There is no such thing. I have one HD received and one standard receiver. My son is the Production Manager for a local TV station. He and I worked trying get the system to function. Sunday we managed to get the HD receiver to work. It stayed on for about twenty minutes and then went out again. The screen menus come on and the reset process goes to completion then the error 775 message comes up. No one at DIrectv is capable of interpreting the problem and the one foreigner my son talk with informed him that Direct would charge me for replacing their receiver. The service call alone would b $99.99. I pay these people nearly $140.00 a month in order to have a TV service I can depend on. I have a number of recorded music concerts that I will also lose when I change services but that is the only solution. Their site says to e-mail them but no e-mail address if provided. I’m tired of talking to indosians and robots. Directv does not care enough to provide an American to speak with concerning such problems. I do not believe anyone at

    Directv reads these comments or cares about the problems their lack of service generates. If they cared the

  9. They get you hooked up with the big Costco promotion (and a $300 gift card), then your automatic payment starts to quietly creep up. When I checked mine today it was over $150.00 for one flipping month. What a bunch of crooks! I’m dumping these guys as soon as I get off work.

  10. Well the above star does not really represent how I feel about Directv – IT SHOULD BE A MINUS 5 STARS. Every time I call I end up in the Philippines. I have nothing against Filipinos, but I live in the US and I expect to talk to someone in the US and receive service from someone in the US. I don’t know I thought Directv and now AT&T was a US company. With all the people out of work in the US you would think they could hire those individuals to work for them so that people here in the US can communicate with someone who understands english. I really get irritated when they tell me that can’t transfer me to someone in the US. HELLO!!!! You are part of American Telegraph and Telephone (AT&T). Now because the tech’s truck broke down last week and they wait until the last few minutes of the window for them to show up at my door to tell me to reschedule, this week coming up on the last hour of the window and still no tech. What a joke. I can take off 2 days of work to accommodate them, but they couldn’t be considerate and put me in first appointment for the window. They are truly a horrible customer service company anymore.

  11. Apparently, it is impossible to get someone on the phone who speaks English in a manner that is understandable. Then, they hang up on you. I don’t want to talk to someone from India. There should be 24 hour customer service available, with a person that isn’t a complete idiot. Do not sell my information.

  12. I couldn’t get hdmi 1 on my dads tv. I could get 2 but not 1 so I called the help number, the person I was talking to had a very thick accent of which I could not understand and after several minutes on the phone I gave up and asked if I could please talk with someone who speaks English with out an accent!! I waited 15 min. on hold and then another women came on the line and she too had an accent. Plus there was a lot of static commotion in the back ground making it very difficult to hear, so I just said forget it! I went online hoping I might be able to find a support place on ll, no luck there either. Truly the worst customer service ever!!

  13. Terrible customer service by design. They figure you will give up and go away. Horrible company to deal with. They lie at every turn. I have been a customer for 16 years and am dropping direct tv asap. Would give a negative star if I could. I have never been on hold for less than 30 minutes for even a simple question. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. So many issues that it would take a day to list them.


  15. very displeased with DirecTv.have it since you had to buy your dish at walmart and install it yourself.while they continue to take programs off the bill goes up.will look for cable company and get rid of this crappy dish.

  16. Hey, this is a NICE (almost…)note. We DO give thumbs up to DirectTV; have lived lots of places, lots of different TV service companies through 48yrs of marriage. We’re satisfied with DirectTV; the tech staff who have cause to be in our homes, with only one exception through the years, have always had positive, intelligent attitudes and technical know-how – solving whatever problems we’ve had. Again, polite, knowledgeable, efficient, PATIENT in explaining! Also – re Telephone calls we’ve made and operators we’ve had cause to speak with – those operators have efficiently directed us to whatever department could solve the few problems we had (that ‘need to call’ has happened VERY seldom.

    THUS – Over the years – here’s our only complaint – WHY IN THE WORLD has DirectTV ‘dumped’ THE WEATHER CHANNEL for the sub-par, low-grade “Weather Nation”???? WeatherChannel has the best techs, best on-air people, most knowledge, live reporting, etc,etc,etc. It’s been dependable, intelligent, informative and, I’m sure!, has been an important factor in saving lives many times over the years.

    SO – if it’s the money – charge each customer a COUPLE bucks more (hey, with the millions of customers you have – that SHOULD work 🙂 per month.

    We’re retired on a limited income. Have to watch what we spend. Living in the middle of the country with all KINDS of weather throughout the year, affecting travel, safety, property etc … GOOD weather coverage is very important to us (hey, name an area – we ALL have our own weather-nemisis of the country!!). We ALL depend in good, live coverage.

    SO, time to belly-up-to-the-bar, get back into negotiations and solve this problem -YESTERDAY. We all want TheWeatherChannel back. No, I won’t drop DirectTV if you don’t; but, I’m sure you’ve heard from high percentage of your customers about this. GROW-UP, HANDLE IT, NEGOTIATE – CHARGE us all a buck more and… FIX IT…AGAIN- YESTERDAY.

    THANKS… Otherwise,except for new crappy “WeatherNation”, we do like DirectTV a lot.

  17. My wife’s phone number has been blocked by direcTv are you kidding me cant go to dish there owned by DTV customer service since they joined ATT Uverse has been like dealing with the devil. We are about done with them been with DTV for over 20 years they don’t care about long term customers only new ones. I saw the show with directv undercover boss what a joke he has no clue what is going on only money coming in

  18. You Are not kidding. Directv gives terrible customer service. I have to call the Geek Squad to connect another TV in our home. When our contract is up we will try AT&T Uverse. Comcast gives better customer service than Directv, but they are much more expensive.

  19. Today DTV withdrew $157.14 from credit card without my permission. Two years ago my son ordered PPV in February of 2012. I paid the bill in full for $92.00. Well once my contract was up I cancelled my services. They sent my a refund check and a bill saying that my account was paid in full and there was no pending balance and this was after my cards from the cable boxes was received and checked. I called them about this ordeal and they said that I was never charged, which is not true and they can’t refund my money. Why would they wait two years to bill you for PPV?? DTV are ripping people off. They did not contact me, they just took them upon themselves to take my money which is illegal. I will continue to fight them for this.


  20. Just saw your commercial where an elderly man was punched in the stomach. Your company crossed the line. The commercial really hit a nerve. Made me see/associate your company with a strongly negative feeling. Hope you pull the commercial.

    Petra G

  21. I had a very disturbing call this a.m.from Direct tv. After a very difficult week, I started receiving calls that service for my tv (I had the bundle with phone,internet &

    tv )would be cut off and that I was 2 months behind.This service was a bundle with AT&T. I had switched to U-verse and wasn’t told that I needed to call Direct tv to cancel the service. When a woman named Diane called me, I tried to explain to her that I wasn’t aware that any monies were owed to them and that ATT&T was supposed to have taken care of everything when I switched. She didn’t give me a chance to explain this when she started talking, almost yelling at me that none of this was an excuse and that I should pay my bill. I worked in retail & customer service for almost 18 years and if I had spoken to a customer in this manner, I would have been fired. If this woman talks to anyone else as she talked to me, I don’t see how she is still working for a reputable company like Direct TV. I live in Birmingham Alabama and if records would be looked at, the call came in to me around 9 a.m. Central time. I called AT&T right away and they did their best to resolve the problem & by the way, super nice, even though it was a misunderstanding on their part. The woman tried to get Direct tv to drop the charges, but they would not. Instead, she said AT&T would give me credit for a certain amount so that I could pay Direct TV. This has been an extremely bad experience for me and never again will I have Direct TV & will recommend to as many people as possible, not to go with your company.I do hope this woman will be given another position so that she will not have to deal with people.

  22. WHERE IS THE WEATHER CHANNEL???????? Weather nation is the pits! I can`t get the locals because my box is a older version,and I own it.I`am sure the new boxes have to be paid by the month, and it will probably take me the rest of my life to pay for it. Get the weather channel back!

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