Columbia House DVD Customer Service


How To Contact Columbia House DVD Customer Service

User Provided Phone Number: 1-717-918-3223



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  1. Just like the customer since 2013 was trying to purchase something found out Columbia house DVD club billing against me I never know them from nowhere. Jean Claude From massachusett

  2. I look o n my credit report it said I order movies from Columbia house I never order any at all so ilike themclear it on my credit report itmessing up things

  3. I received a letter from ATG Credit saying I owed $55.91 for a Columbia House order from back in 2008. I moved in my present home about then and have never ordered anything from them at that time. Have never received a bill from Columbia House and now in 2014 I get a bill from this Credit agency. They where willing to settle the account for $31.00 if I would like to pay today. I told them I was not paying for something I did not order. I too asked them what it was that I ordered and they could not tell me. I them asked for a number to Columbia House and was told that they could not give out client information. Really? BBB should investigate this Credit Company because they are trying to scam a lot of people.

  4. I ordered two movies. I paid in full using my credit card. (4/2/8/14). never received the movies. I have written twice, yet NO answer. I want my fu…. money back! Columbia House is not to be trusted. They take your money and don’t deliver what is promised. I am so done with them!

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