Find How to Call and Contact Craigslist Customer Service Phone Number - 2022

How to Call and Contact Craigslist Customer Service


Craigslist The premier classified and forum site on the internet. Over 500 cities and 50 countries. Craigs List Customer service is online only.

Phone Number: 1-415-566-6394
Fax Number: 1-415-504-6394
Email Address: [email protected] 1-800-664-0633

  • Trying to reach ad id # 6675867465 for Nashville, TN Craig’s List posting. When I click to contact and leave info regarding his services, I get “Sorry, something is not right”

  • My posting is consequently being flagged and removed. For what reason? I am not selling anything illegal! No reason given as to why. I am selling Scooter Plastic. Which is not illegal. Craigslist is really starting to hack me off, it use to be a great place…. But it is now the dump.

  • I triedto reach a party in Hattisburg,MS who has a Toyota Avalon listed for sale. I used the information listed through craigslit to contact him, but the information posted with this ad would not go through. Do you have another way to contact him?

  • Your “authorization code” process is NOT working. Every time I try to post an add for a roommate you never call me with the code like you used to. It says phone number can not be verified. I have moved and it is my new phone number.

  • I posted an ad tools for sale by owner # 6659764359. I rec. a msg. indication someone is interested in the nailer & compressor. I do not know how to make contacr. This is my first response! What do I do now? Please advise.

    Thank you

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