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How To Contact Health Magazine Customer Service

Health Magazine is produced by editors and journalists dedicated to delivering accurate, trusted, up-to-date health and medical information, for consumers. We focus on problem-solving content to help you make decisions during complicated, stressful times. We write in plain English, using real-life examples. For additional medical and diagnostic information we partner with the medically accredited sources.



8 Responses

  1. I have subscribed to Health Magazine for years, along with gifts to friends and relatives. I have written several times to change my address, I have called, and the last time I sent in my subscription and gifts, changed the address on the billing, along with my payment. I have since received correspondence and the magazine at my old address. All this occurred several months ago — how long does it take to change an address?

  2. Please cancel my subscription to Health Magazine. I never have subscribed. Why would you ever charge me for this without my permission? Please give me a refund evidently you have my credit number.

  3. I turn on my Comcast cable TV and there is a picture of the big bad wolf and 3 pigs. It’s an advertisement for your HEALTH Magazine and I can’t click it off. It won’t go away and I can’t watch TV anymore.

    I talked to Comcast and they can’t help me.

    Please help me get rid of your wonderful ad — so I can watch television again.

  4. I’m wondering why I am receiving this subscription since I never ordered it not received a statement notice. If this is a sampling to see if I would like it,

    That is one thing. Please do not continue to send this yo me along with In Style which has the same p.o. Box. I am not interested at this time. Thanks

  5. use to subscribe to your magazine and really enjoyed it, stories would be broke down if you were this age do this, if this age do that when you quit doing that you lost me, don’t seem to be a maga zine for older women

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