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Kixeye Customer Service: Kixeye is a gaming company and they have a dedicated customer service team that is available to assist customers with any questions or issues they may have related to their games. Customers can contact them through email and they will respond to the customer’s inquiry as soon as possible. They strive to resolve any issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Kixeye Company Bio: Kixeye is a leading game developer, focused on creating high-quality, hardcore strategy games for the web and mobile platforms. The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. They offer a wide variety of games that are available to play on web and mobile platforms. They have a large customer base and are known for offering high-quality games with a strong emphasis on strategy and competition.

Kixeye’s Competition: Kixeye faces competition from other game developers such as Supercell, EA, Meta, and Activision. These companies also offer a wide variety of games on web and mobile platforms. However, Kixeye differentiates itself by focusing on strategy games and by offering a unique gaming experience with a strong emphasis on competition.

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  1. You are So right! KIXEYE pay attention to this: “YOU ARE LOOSING MONEY “because you have a BS support system. I have some sort of glitch in my registration, that wont allow me to,

    Send a support ticket.

    Correct, or redo my registration to fix the prob.

    Sign up friends.

    Move base.

    Cant buy coins, or get in contact with anyone to fix the problem.

  2. Your monthly raids in Battle Pirates, also known as cash grabs to the players, have grown old for many a player. Battle Cruisers, and other smaller fleets used to be able to take down say a level 40 target, they almost cannot now without taking a substantial increase in damage. Your raid “prizes,” used to cost 7.5 million points, and are now 12.5 million, and higher; yet the duration of the raid is still the same. You’ve done considerable updates to the game, but rarely give the players the one thing they all truly want, a dry dock. Research labs are useless after a certain level, as nearly everything must be obtained via a raid, or the weekly missions. Most players would also agree, most of the weekly mission prizes are crap, and things that we should be able to research in our naval, weapons, advanced, or tactical labs. I won’t even go into the build and repair times on fleets, because those give an entirely new meaning to the word “ridiculous.” The game is no longer for those who do not coin, or minimally coin. It is now geared towards only those that are willing to open their wallet at an insane pace to keep up with all the nonsense you keep feeding the players.

  3. I was banned and no one ever told me there are rules to this game? I mean really??? I said something I see now that I have been banned that I should of not said that. You could of gave me a warning. But you took two years worth of long hours and hard work just to get to a lvl 59. And you took what coins I had on there and ALL THE MONEY I HAVE SPENT from me just like that. Only his side of the story not my side? He was harassing me and That was the only thing I could think of to stop him from harassing me. Im SORRY. Please give me back my base and fleets. I was at an end in my life because I am all alone out here. I was ready to end my life till I was just looking threw Facebook and found Battle Pirates. This game saved my life. And now you take it from me? Because of what I said to someone else? Show me where the rules are. When I started the game I never seen any rules of what we can or can not say. So you just take it all from me like that? But others on here have done the same and they are still playing. I have seen so many repair glitches its not funny. But I play the game I like it that way. I get $700 a month to live on but I make sure I have money to spend on this game every month. I could of bought a car with what I spent on here. Maybe not a new one but a car. This game has showed me its ok to go on because I have made so many great friends all across the world. Now I cant play because of some guy mad because I would not talk to him anymore and you ban me… PLEASE I promise I will never do that again. PLEASE give me back my base. I was the leader of an alliance and now I cant even pass it on to my second in command. I dont want to start all over again. That costs way to much for me. I have been so hurt all day. On the first day of the raid? The day we spend our money and you stop me? Come on have a heart pleaseee give it back to me or tell me what more do I have to live for?

  4. i have been trying to send a support ticket and can find the page that i used to be able to send support tickets to. and every time i try to send gifts to friends it shows a few facebook friends but none of the ones that plays battle pirates .

  5. These current event operation cerberus i was on the wave 28 already but the prize of wave 21 was not still granted or given to me.


  6. hello kixeye, i hope you can help me, i have played warcommander for about 3 years and reached lvl 38, i love playing the game, but now my laptop has beeen hacked and i cant get on my warcommander any more, my facebook name is stephen tiger robinson, my e-mail was which was hacked aswell. is there anyway u can get my warcommander account back for me, u can reach me at thank u

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